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Surrogacy Compensation and Why It is Important to Women, Families & the Children

Compensating a woman for carrying your baby is seen by some as both exploitative and harmful to all the parties involved in the process. In fact, many countries ban it outright, even if the Surrogate consents. Other countries allow it, but ban payments to her of any kind.
Only a few places provide Intended Parents with legal standing before the birth of their child, including several states in the US, even if the child is genetically theirs. In fact, in many places the surrogate can change her mind and keep the baby. Several developing countries popular with foreigners in need of a surrogate have started to turn them away, such as India and Thailand.

We found a great article in the Economist that delved into the issues surrounding surrogacy. According to the Economist,

By pushing surrogacy to the legal fringes, they make it both more dangerous and costlier, and create legal uncertainty for all, especially the newborn baby who may be deemed parentless and taken into care. Instead, giving the gift of parenthood to those who cannot have it should be celebrated—and regulated sensibly.

Getting surrogacy right matters more than ever, since demand is rising. That is partly because fewer children are available for adoption, and partly because ideas about what constitutes a family have become more liberal. Surrogates used to be sought out only by heterosexual couples, and only when the woman had a medical problem that meant she could not carry a baby. But the spread of gay marriage has been followed by a rise in male couples turning to surrogates to complete their newly recognized families. And just as more women are becoming single parents with the help of sperm donation, more men are seeking to do so through surrogates.

And, as the article states, laws should let the surrogate be paid. Women who become surrogates generally take great satisfaction in helping someone become a parent. As we know, many jobs offer “rewards beyond money, and no one suggests they should therefore be done for nothing.” Certainly,

Surrogacy and Compensation

. Well said – what do you think?

Read more here about Surrogacy and Compensation.

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American Express Increases Employee Benefits to Include Infertility Treatments

American Express announced this week that starting January 1st, their parental leave and infertility treatment benefits will be drastically changing for the better for their employees. The company previously had caps on their health plan for infertility benefits and a short parental leave only for employees who gave birth. However, with their new plan both male and female employees will receive up to 20 weeks of fully paid parental leave following giving birth, adopting, or having a child through Surrogacy. Additionally, the company will be giving their employees up to $35,000 for adoption or Surrogacy; plus an additional $35,000 for any infertility treatments.

Kevin Cox, the Chief Human Resources Officer for American Express stated that this new policy would allow American Express to more completely support their employees’ being parents. He went on to say that:

“Clearly, it’s not getting any easier to juggle personal and professional [responsibilities],” Cox told Fortune. He also says there’s “a diversity dimension at play,” as the new policy could appeal to female and LGBTQ workers in particular.

American Express is only one of the major companies that are changing their parental leave policies to include both male and female employees. These new policies will only make it easier on men and women alike to have a highly skilled job while also having a family.

For more information on American Express’ new benefits go to Fortune’s article.

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Baby Joy Through Surrogacy

The British TV show, ‘This Time Next Year,’ focuses on inspirational aspects of every day people’s lives. Recently, the show focused on couple, Kathryn Mallory and Chris Chapman, who were struggling to complete their family after using IVF to conceive their first child.

Kathryn successfully beat cancer as a child and after conceiving their first child, doctors told Kathryn that she would not be able to carry another. Luckily, Kathryn and her husband met Janine Gregory who agreed to be their Surrogate mother and even ended up donating her own eggs to help the couple conceive their second child.

On the show, Kathryn and Chris revealed that a year after they first came onto the show they were now parents to a second daughter, Ella. Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their awe of Janine and how she helped the couple. Some fans even expressed their desire to become Surrogate’s themselves.

It’s always wonderful to see another family becoming complete with the help of Surrogacy.