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Should I Become a Surrogate and Why?

Getting pregnant and having a child is not a possibility for everyone. For many, the road to parenthood is one full of obstacles and challenges, especially those suffering from infertility issues. The good news: help is on the way.

Bringing a newborn child into this world and starting a family is perhaps one of the greatest joys in life. If you have had a child before, then you know what a great blessing it is to add on to your family and bring your tiny one home from the hospital.

In 2018, IVF procedures are making it possible for people with infertility to conceive and have a child of their own genetic makeup, even if the couple is experiencing incredible difficulty conceiving on their own.

While there is certainly an emotional and physical commitment made, there are many benefits to becoming a Surrogate.

Here are just a few of the many joys of being a Surrogate for Intended Parents:

Do For Others What They Can’t Do For Themselves

It sounds a little cliche, sure. But the truth is you are giving a couple the greatest gift of all: the gift of life. You are doing something for someone that they can not do for themselves. This generous act you’ll perform will consume 9 months of your life, but you will literally carry their child into this world.

For this, Intended Parents will be truly grateful for helping them have a child. Their gratitude to you will be endless as they watch the child you helped bring into this world grow and progress. You will have an impact on an entire family that can never be forgotten. This will benefit you in ways you might not expect.

Becoming a Surrogate Has Many, Many Benefits

Most Surrogates become a Surrogate because being pregnant isn’t difficult for them. Some Surrogates even state that they enjoy being pregnant, along with the aura and energy it feeds them. Aside from enjoying a pregnancy, there are other perks as a Surrogate.

As a Surrogate, you will surely be compensated for the physical and emotional toll that will be asked of you. Though Surrogates are of sound mind, challenges will arise.

What gets a Surrogate through these challenges is their desire to help an infertile couple to grow a family.

Another benefit? The compensation a Surrogate receives is to ensure she is cared for and compensated for her time and her energy. Many Intended Parents provide services to their Surrogate to keep them comfortable during their journey as well, such as psychological counseling and surrogate support. The perks of being a Surrogate are endless. From the monetary aspect to the occasional massage, as you help bring a child into the world you will find yourself quite comfortable and compensated while doing so.

Love, Love, Love, Love

While every set of Intended Parents is different, most will want you to be a part of their lives to one degree or another. Even if you already have your own family, being included on text threads and birthdays will simply expand your circle of love and goodness.

You will likely have the opportunity to watch the child grow through intimate friendships that form, or through photo updates and other information.

Remember, you can state how involved you would like to be after the birth. If it’s not a fit for that set of parents, then we can match you with a set that fits your specifications. This process can be tailored to your desires, too.

Super Surrogate

Our Surrogates at Conceptual Options are true superheroes. They are changing lives by giving the gift of life. This selfless act will have ripple effects for many years and generations to come.

To ensure you have the most amazing journey as a Surrogate, contact us today to get started on the incredible journey to become a Surrogate-Hero.

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IVF journey

Your IVF Journey: The Dos, Don’ts, and Musts

Starting an IVF journey can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider based on your location, age, and financial situation. Considering your ultimate end goals and how many children you want is also important to consider.

Have no fear, a guide with some major dos, don’ts and musts is here. This guide will help you decipher what is essential, and what should potentially be avoided. As you create your checklist (and check it twice), here are a few helpful hints:

Do Stay Positive, Even When It Gets Challenging

The truth is, this journey is going to have ups and downs. We are going to make it as smooth as possible, but there will inevitably be things that we can’t foresee. The important thing to remember is that the chances of having a child through IVF are very high, even if it takes some patience.

Positivity is an essential part of your IVF journey. Keep good energy (and in abundant amounts) around you, and this process can do wonders. Keep your head up and continue to make good decisions even when the decision is challenging.

Don’t Forget to Remember What Is Important

We mean this with a lot of love, but especially when selecting an egg donor: keep things in perspective. Remember that your end goal is to have a wonderful, healthy child that you are going to fall deeply in love with.

Sometimes we get Intended Parents asking specifics like the measurement of the inseam of a donor to “ensure she has nice long legs”. While this is a lovely feature, we do our best to make sure our donors don’t feel dehumanized, or like objects.

Take a good hard look at the information and photos shared through the profile and make a decision based on what your heart tells you.

You Must Find Joy In the Journey

Finding joy in the journey can make a negative IVF journey into a successful and joyful IVF journey. With each little victory, celebrate the small steps. Find joy in the little things.

Stay in communication with your team, doctor and agency and find what’s good about where you are at in your journey.

Don’t Forget Your Financials

When planning your IVF journey, carefully asses your budget and financial situation so you can make wise choices. This can be a costly process, but with a little advice and counsel you can make this a more cost-effective investment.

Access your priorities and decide where you want to put more money, and where you can afford to put less financial investment. Some Intended Parents spend more on the egg donor, and others spend more on the cycle guarantees through their IVF clinic.

This is up to you. When you are ready to begin your IVF journey, let us help you start on the right foot.

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LGBTQ Families – Creating Your Family through IVF, Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Gay men and lesbian women across the world are as eager to have children as heterosexuals are; however, having a child often takes a different route.

But, have no fear, IVF is here, and its technology allows almost everyone to create the family they have always wanted. Here at Conceptual Options, we can help you build the family you’ve been dreaming of – and, below is a guide on how to build the family:

1. Find An Egg Donor

For those who need an egg donor, finding an egg donor should be one of the first steps in your process of building your family. This is one of the most important steps in your journey, as you are choosing the other half of the genetics of your future children.

Carefully assess what is important to you and then find an amazing egg donor agency that can offer you a list of donors that match your criteria. Things like education, health, eye color and height often come into play, as most people usually try to find a donor that looks like they might fit in their family.

2. Find a Doctor

Your next step should be finding an IVF doctor that is willing to work with you. Ask your egg donor agency for a list of references that will fit you and your needs.

When choosing an IVF doctor, it is important to consider success rates, cost, and overall value. You want a doctor who is personable and friendly and able to make your desired schedule work within their clinic.

3. Find a Surrogate

Next, it’s time to choose your Surrogate. There are many surrogates who specifically want to help a gay couple or individual, which is a beautiful thing. Find a Surrogate that you will enjoy forming a relationship with over the course of nine months.

And while there are many great surrogacy programs in the nation that can help tailor the journey to you, Conceptual Options has been creating families since 1999 and can help find you a Surrogate that is equally as excited about your journey as you are. This will help both parties remain fulfilled and headed towards your goal of having a child.

4. Get Ready

Having a child is going to change your life forever, and for good! There are so many wonderful preparations that are required to bring a child into the universe. Having help from a great program, like Conceptual Options, can do wonders and relieve you, your Egg Donor, and your Surrogate from additional, unneeded stress.

The end goal of this process is to build your family. Whether you’re straight, gay, or single- leave it to us to help you find what you are looking for. For a free consultation, contact us today.