Conceptual Options Presents Egg Donor Candidate Molli

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Conceptual Options Presents Egg Donor Candidate Molli

Category : Egg Donation

Egg donor candidate, Molli, is excited to become an egg donor through Conceptual Options‘ program. She is currently available and has the following to say about herself:

“I am Graceful and Charming, Sunny Disposition, Ability to make people laugh. Deep Thinker with a Philosophical Bend. I have Appreciation for Beauty and Health in the World and others. I’ve always had a Beautiful voice since birth, athletic, artistic, creative, and energetic. I am proud of myself and really value freedom.”

She is currently a part-time a Yoga alliance instructor with a concentration in BKS Iyengar . Her full time passions are as a Manager/publicist for Grammy award winning record producer, as well as a Fashion Designer/ Textile Designer for swim, active and stage wear.

She is also a college graduate who currently resides in Alabama. She states that she wants to be an egg donor to help others have a family.

Find out more about Molli at Conceptual Options Donor database by clicking here.

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