Gestational Surrogacy

The Intended Parents create embryos that are transferred to the surrogate mother, and the surrogate mother gestates the child but maintains no genetic link. The eggs can be provided by either the Intended Mother or by an egg donor.


Conceptual Options Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mothers available through our agency must meet our rigid standards. Our Surrogate Mother Coordinator conducts a thorough screening process to ensure that only those women who are qualified will be given the opportunity to help those in need build the family they have always dreamed of. We ensure that our surrogate mothers are in excellent health, free of any sexually transmitted diseases, have had a healthy reproductive history, and reside within the Surrogate-Friendly state of California.

Surrogate Mothers Must Meet The Following Basic Requirements:

-Delivered at least one healthy child.
-No prior pregnancy complications.
-Involved in a stable, healthy marriage or partnership.
-A partner who is supportive regarding surrogacy.
-A willingness to be completely committed to the intended parents.
-Adherence to our strict screening and counseling protocol.
-Have a stable financial base.
-Clear our criminal background checks entirely.
-Reliable form of transportation.
-U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status.
-Meet height and weight guidelines for your body mass index (BMI).







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We would be delighted to meet with you either in our office, via skype or over the phone to discuss the details of our program. We have assisted hundreds of people through donor and surrogacy cycles and we are excited to help make your dream of a family come true.

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