Once you decide that you want to be a part of the amazing process that is surrogacy, there are a few things that you should consider before embarking on your journey.

Choosing which agency or IVF clinic you will work with is the first important step in deciding to become a surrogate.

Yes, you are helping someone create their family, but you must also make certain that you work with a reputable agency or IVF clinic that will support you in your journey and that will help you protect your family.

We have laid out below some very important questions that you should ask any agency or IVF clinic as a starting point. By asking these questions, you will see how we at Conceptual Options go above and beyond to meet all of these very important criteria.

1. How long have you been in business?

Conceptual Options has been in business since 1999! Experience is everything here.

2. How many cycles do you do per year?

Conceptual Options does approximately 250 cycles per year with egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates. We currently have helped bring 1100 babies into families across the world since 1999.

3. Do you provide referrals for doctors, lawyers, and psychologists?

Yes, we encourage all prospective surrogates to consider the professionals that you will be working with – you need to be confident and comfortable in your journey. By being involved in the selection of the professionals that you work with also creates an environment of empowerment for all of our surrogates at Conceptual Options.

4. What types of mental health support services do you offer to surrogates?

Conceptual Options has a Licensed Psychologist (PhD) on staff that works daily one on one with all of our surrogates in both private and group settings, depending upon the surrogate’s needs and wishes. Conceptual Options takes pride in the fact that we also have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) on staff and in our office on a daily basis.

This is an important aspect for any surrogacy journey as you need to make certain that your psychological support is being met every step of the way – not just intermittently

5. How will I be paid, and where is that money held on my behalf?

All funds are held for our surrogates in either an attorney-client trust account or a licensed escrow account, which provides the safety needed to ensure that your funds are safe. At Conceptual Options, surrogates are paid monthly and as needed depending upon the surrogacy agreement that she has in place with her intended parents.

6. Do I have an actual 24-hour emergency support? Or, is it just a messaging service?

Conceptual Options has its dedicated 24-hour support staff that includes licensed clinical professionals that are available in the event an emergency or urgent need occurs.

7. How long does the process take and how does the agency or clinics process work?

Each surrogate journey is different; however, Conceptual Options works tirelessly to make certain that we are moving at a pace that fits your needs and lifestyle. Ask questions and let the staff know what you need and what you expect in your journey. With that, Conceptual Options’ surrogates are usually matched with a matter of weeks with your first visit to an IVF Physician within 30 days.

8. Do I have a say on which parents I work with?

Absolutely! Conceptual Options prides itself in matching parents and surrogates that have complimentary ideas and philosophies. This is your journey, as well as the journey of the intended parents, so remember, there are no right answers, only answers that make you feel supported and empowered. We at Conceptual Options believe that by taking the right steps in the beginning will help you protect yourself from the start.

9. Do you carry Errors & Omissions or malpractice insurance?

Absolutely a must – all agencies should carry this to protect themselves and the surrogates that they work with.

Remember, there are no right answers, only answers that make you feel supported and empowered. We at Conceptual Options believe that by taking the right steps in the beginning will help you protect yourself from the start.

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