Can I Become a Surrogate with Conceptual Options?

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Can I Become a Surrogate with Conceptual Options?

Becoming a Surrogate can be one of the most fulfilling journeys you will likely do in your life. It won’t always be easy, and there will certainly be challenges you’ll need to face during your surrogacy pregnancy. However, the gift you’ll be giving another family is one they will be endlessly grateful for.

It’s important to remember that not all women are cut out to be surrogates. It takes a special skill set and even physical facility. If you have the desire to be a surrogate, there are a few things to take into consideration when applying, including your own health before you begin.

Though your heart may be in the right place, here is a checklist of things to consider while you start your path to becoming a true angel for another family.

1. Age of a Surrogate

Age matters when it comes to becoming a surrogate. The ideal Surrogates are between the ages of 21-39 years old. Not that we don’t appreciate women who want to be surrogates in their older years, it just becomes more difficult on the body and can sometimes create higher risk pregnancies.

In a process that is already fragile, it is key to offer the intended parents the best set up possible for their dream of having a child through IVF. Surrogate mothers who are in their prime years have a greater chance of carrying a child to full term and in the most healthy of manners. And, it is important to note that Surrogates in this age range still have the energy and physical capabilities to carry a child with ease.

2. No Prior Pregnancy Complications

When it comes to carrying a child for someone else, it’s important to have carried one of your own already. It’s equally as important that you previous pregnancies were uncomplicated.

If you experienced any substantial challenges during your pregnancy, then the chance of you experiencing those again during a surrogate pregnancy is fairly high. When it comes to becoming a Surrogate, consider your overall health when it comes pregnancies.

Your pregnancy as a Surrogate might have a few challenges, but in general, pregnancy should be something that isn’t extremely difficult for you.

3. Commitment

Sure, you aren’t entering into the family of the Intended Parents, but you are helping them build theirs. Most intended parents will be forever grateful for you and hold you in very high esteem. However, every Intended Parent’s set of specifics and desires is different.

On your end, is important to stay committed to your Intended Parents. As they’ve chosen you to carry their most precious of cargo, carefully consider your willingness to eat, drink, or live in a way that they desire during the nine months.

Staying committed to your intended parents can make all the difference in both of your journeys. From updates to making sure you make all of your doctor visits — commitment is key.

4. Body Mass Index

For a healthy pregnancy, meeting the guidelines for your specific height and weight in regards to your body mass index is important.

Overweight Surrogates have a much higher chance of having complications during their journeys. It’s important to maintain a healthy BMI before, during, and after your pregnancy. This can ensure a safe and positive Surrogate experience for both you and the unborn child.

Journey On

Becoming a Surrogate will bless the lives of everyone involved. While challenges may arise, this checklist can help you start on the right foot. The gift you are offering a family in need is one of the most generous nature.

When you’re ready to start your journey, choose the best program to care for you and contact us today.

Can I become a surrogate?

Is surrogacy for you?

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In Good Hands: 4 Signs You’ve Got The Best Surrogacy Program

Good news: a million babies have now been born in the U.S. through fertility programs and surrogates.

However, when it comes to conceiving through unconventional means, there will be a few inevitable challenges to face. The only way to seamlessly navigate through tricky waters that may arise is by ensuring you’ve selected the best surrogacy program available. Surrogacy agencies are not all created equal. With so many different agency policies, you need to carefully evaluate the team you are thinking about hiring to help you through your journey. Remember, it isn’t just the surrogate that you’ll be working closely with for nine months, it’s also the surrogate’s representation.

There are a few signs that you’re in the right place and in the right hands. Have no fear, a guide with the highlights of the best programs is here. Here’s how you’ll know you’ve got the best program behind your dreams to have a child:

1. They Listen

Finding an agency that listens to you, your questions and your concerns is invaluable. It’s one of the key elements to any healthy relationship. Many couples claim they often feel left in the dark a little on their way to parenthood.

Find an agency that includes you, takes all your desires into consideration, and answers your questions (as silly as you feel they might be).

Remember, they are experienced at this and have done many journeys. You’re the newbie here, and you are allowed to ask all of the questions you want. Set up a consultation and find a team that listens more than they speak.

Find the agency that can suggest the best surrogate possible based on the criteria you’ve set.

2. Their Financial Contracts Make Sense

When going through the costs of having a child through egg donation and surrogacy, you might feel overwhelmed by the dollar amount in general, as well as the number of things that need to be covered financially. The best surrogacy program will spell out a financial plan that makes sense and is doable for you and your spouse.

The last thing you want in your journey are unforeseen expenditures that you didn’t plan for. Even in a process where anything can happen, you can rest assured that insurance policies are in place that have been discussed and paid for. There should be relatively few surprises financially.

Start a relationship with a surrogacy program that is financially transparent and fiscally responsible. It’ll make your journey much more enjoyable and stress-free.

3. Find A Surrogacy Agency You Are Drawn To

It is extremely important to like the people you use to find your surrogate. Remember that they will be a large part of any and all communications, appointments, and contractual elements between you and your chosen surrogate.

Communicating with your agency should be a pleasure. When the stakes are this high, you don’t need personalities that add extra pressure or stress on the situation. Find people you simply enjoy talking to who also maintain professionalism. This will do wonders for you and your surrogate who is already dealing with physical and emotional tolls.

The end goal is for you to bring a sweet newborn into this world. Find a team who is as excited about helping you do this as you are.

4. Consider Testimonials

Fantastic testimonials are key when choosing a surrogacy agency. Read their testimonials to get an idea of the agency’s reputation, and ask your IVF Physician what his or her experience has been with the agency.

Like A Puzzle

The journey you are about to embark on requires many pieces to complete the puzzle. One large and essential piece is the surrogacy agency you choose. Use only the best when it comes to having all the options on the table for a beautiful path towards conceiving.

Find a star agency that is trusted, tried, and true. Find the team that is going to help you put the pieces together in a way that leaves you absolutely thrilled with the time you spend putting the puzzle together, as well as the final product.

When you’re ready to find the surrogate of your dreams and start your journey, contact us today.

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Surrogacy Educational Series Continues – Conceptual Options Announces 2 New Animated Surrogacy Videos

Conceptual Options, a full-service Surrogacy, Egg Donation, and Sperm Donation agency that has been Partnering for Parenthood since 1999, announces two new additional episodes of our groundbreaking new educational video series about Surrogacy.

Our next two videos tackle the following subjects: “Choosing Your Intended Parents and Talking About Surrogacy with Friends, Family & Strangers.”

Becoming a surrogate is one of the most rewarding things that you can do in your lifetime – you are literally helping someone else create a family that they cannot do on their own. Therefore, because being a surrogate is such an important mission for everyone involved there are certain steps that must be followed to ensure that you and your family are ready and willing to commit to your surrogacy journey-and our videos are here to help.

Also, look for our next video on Surrogate Support & Care through Conceptual Options – Join Our Family to Help Create Families.

Please contact us directly at or call us at 858-748-4222 so we can go over your questions or concerns. Stay tuned for more videos in the upcoming weeks to help you understand more about the surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation process.