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As a trusted and experienced egg donation agency, we provide you with comprehensive solutions and unwavering support to guide you through every step of your journey. From matching you with the perfect egg donor to ensuring the highest standards of care, we are committed to making your dreams of parenthood a reality.

How it Works:

Your Egg Donation journey from start to finish

Schedule your No-Cost Consultation

By scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced client relation team members, you have the ability to ask questions, discuss options and determine the best path to creating your family. Or you can access our egg donor database by filling out our Intended Parents Application and search at your own pace.

Select your Egg Donor

Finding an egg donor may seem like a daunting task; however, the experienced staff of Conceptual Options is here to familiarize you with the egg donation process and help you select the egg donor  that best fits your needs. Every egg donation cycle is different for each family, and working with Conceptual Options will help you navigate your journey to parenthood. If you need any help narrowing down your down choices, we are happy to help.

Start Medical Screenings and Paperwork

Now that you have selected your Egg Donor, the time has come for the complete medical screening of your egg donor. Also, at the same time, the legal contracts will be drafted and finalized by the attorneys.

IVF Medical Cycle Starts

Upon completion of all medical screening and legal contracts, the IVF cycle will start with the IVF doctor syncing everyone’s cycles together. Once this is done, medications will start for the Intended Mother and Egg Donor. Within several weeks the egg retrieval will occur, and the embryo transfer will take place within 3-5 days following the egg retrieval from the egg donor.

The Day of the Pregnancy Test Arrives – Positive Pregnancy Vibes!

Positive Pregnancy Vibes! This the day you have been waiting for – the day you discover if you or your surrogate is pregnant and on the path to creating your family.

What to expect now that you are EXPECTING!

Now that you are expecting your baby, it's time to start preparing you for your baby’s birth. No stone is left unturned and at this point all of the necessary paperwork and processes have been completed and you can focus on getting ready for your life with your new child.

No-Cost Egg Donation Consultation!

Once you submit the following form, our Intake Team will reach out to you to get started on the next part of the process and get you matched with your Egg Donor. The information you provide here will not be shared and is only used to help offer you the best possible service.

Fresh Egg Donation Cycles:

Why we only utilize Fresh Egg Donation Cycles here at Conceptual Options

Here at Conceptual Options, our goal is to keep our client's potential costs to a minimum while also providing them with a service that can increase their success rate. The rates are better and we can provide a better outcome to our clients by keeping with only utilizing fresh Egg Donation cycles.

4 Decades of use in the IVF field

Higher success rate than frozen eggs

No vitrification damage

Larger batches of Eggs for Parents

What about the cost of Fresh Egg Donation Cycles?

Between the two, a fresh egg donation cycle will be more costly upfront. This will be due to the retrieval needing to take place and the medications involved for both the Donor and the intended mother. With frozen egg banks, this part of the process has already been done, but frozen egg banks tend to split up the eggs from a single donation into smaller batches. This results in parents receiving fewer eggs on average when using frozen egg banks. This can increase the cost of frozen eggs quickly if the small batch obtained from the egg bank doesn't result in a live birth and another batch must be obtained by the intended parents. In this example, the cost of utilizing an egg bank twice will be higher than utilizing a fresh egg donation cycle from the beginning.

Which one is better, Frozen Eggs or a Fresh Egg Donation Cycle?

That is going to come down to being a judgment call that the intended parents will have to make based on their finances and risk factors. In our anecdotal experience, Doctors prefer fresh egg donation cycles as much as possible due to the higher success rate of using fresh donor eggs. Fresh cycles can also result in larger batches of eggs than an egg bank will provide. Donors in some cases can produce 20+ eggs while egg bank batches tend to be between 6-8 eggs. Another important thing to note is that fresh eggs do not have to go through the vitrification (freezing) process and thawing process as well. These processes can both be damaging the eggs and decrease the likelihood of live birth.

Our Reviews:

"I have loved every step of applying for my journey. All of the employees I have spoken with are amazing with communicating with me and provided outstanding service."

Wendy L.

“I cannot thank enough to conceptual options for matching me with the greatest intended parents I could have ever asked for. My experience was extraordinary wonderful and I am grateful to Renata and the rest of the stuff who contributed to this special journey”.

Andrea C.

“I am so pleased with Conceptual Options as a surrogate and very happy with my intake coordinator Renae. She is simply the best and helps make the process go smoothly and Renae always answers my questions very promptly and she is extremely helpful, thank you Renae once again.”.

Bounxou X.

"Honestly, can't say enough good things about everyone here. From the first moment you walk in the door, your surrounded by such a happy and welcoming environment. . . They have walked me through everything to a T and I am truly looking forward to the rest of this incredible journey!"

Amberleigh A.

“Conceptual Options has by far the greatest and most caring staff. They always go above and beyond to insure you're comfortable and well taken care of. I cant say enough good things about the entire office staff. Hands down the best!”.

Ann H.

“I'm on my third surrogacy journey through conceptual options. I love the staff and although it's a very complicated process, they make it easy for you. I enjoy the monthly support group meetings, it's nice to talk with other surrogates every now and then. I couldn't ever imagine working with another agency.”.

Andrea J.

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