Egg Donor Facts and Information

Who can be an egg donor?

An egg donor is any female, generally between the ages of 21 and 29, with a BMI within healthy levels, non-smoker, and no history of genetic disorders. An egg donor must not have a personal nor familial history of birth defects or major medical problems. Also, we adhere to FDA laws regarding human tissue donation. Lastly, her schedule must be flexible enough to attend screening and medical monitoring appointments and she must be able to follow a doctor’s instructions.

Will donating eggs affect my fertility?

There is no current research that states that egg donation will impact your future fertility. Increased fertility is experienced during the cycle and after until your next period. Please discuss any of your concerns regarding the egg donation procedure and/or medications with your physician.

What if I am on birth control?

You can continue to use birth control pills while you are waiting to be matched with an Intended Parent. If you use Nuva Ring you may finish your current ring and then switch to birth control. If you are using Norplant or Depo Provera you will have to discontinue use for several months before you can donate. If you have an Intrauterine Device (I.U.D.) that does not release any level of hormone, you may be able to donate without removing it. If you have an I.U.D. that does release hormones you must switch to another form of birth control before becoming a donor.

How will I be compensated?

You will be compensated for your adherence to the doctor’s protocol, time, and risk with the financial amount you requested. You may also be compensated by the knowledge that you are helping another family to grow and complete their dreams. Lastly, often you may feel empowered by controlling your body as well as by being a medical pioneer.

What if I take other medications?

This depends on the medication. Please let us know any and all medications you take, so neither your health nor the cycle is jeopardized.

Will I have to travel for egg donation?

It’s up to you. Intended Parent(s) may choose a fertility clinic anywhere in the United States, however most often they may choose a clinic in San Diego or Los Angeles areas.

Will the Intended Parent(s) know who I am?

No. We are a completely anonymous egg donor agency so your private information will not be shared unless you choose to do so. The Intended Parent(s) will not know your identifying information (ex: last name, address, phone number) but will know your physical characteristics and any pertinent details of your medical, psychological, and family history.

What are my responsibilities as an Egg Donor?

Your responsibility is to be honest throughout this process in order to protect both your health and not jeopardize the cycle. Secondly, attend all screening appointments and medical monitoring appointments, and be on time. Third, you must follow the physician’s instructions exactly regarding how and when to take medications, and ask questions when clarification is needed. Fourth, communicate any problems during the cycle to Conceptual Options and your fertility clinician. Fifth, if at any time your information changes, such as your phone number, address, health of yourself or family members, status as a donor, etc. please send us an email or call us and we will update your profile. Lastly, you are also welcome to send us new photographs of yourself that we will post on the database.

What might I experience during egg retrieval?

Intravenous sedation is generally utilized during the procedure for your comfort, so the procedure is generally painless. Some women experience cramping on the day of the retrieval, however this feeling usually abates by the next day. Sensations of pressure and/or fullness may last for several weeks after because the ovaries may remain enlarged for some time.

Once I am accepted into the egg donor program, how long will it take for me to get matched?

Discovering an egg donor is an emotionally salient process that the Intended Parent(s) experience. Thus, matching can occur immediately or take months to years. There is no guarantee that you will be matched.

Will my insurance be billed for any of the medical appointments or medications?

All medical costs related to the cycle are the responsibility of the Intended Parents.

Once I’ve been matched, how long will the cycle take?

Once the cycle has begun, with contracts, medication, and biological requirements, the process may range from one to three months approximately.

Am I responsible for cycle-related travel expenses?

No. Travel expenses for both you and your companion are covered. Please review with your care coordinator for exact stipulations.

Who will arrange my travel plans?

Conceptual Options will arrange travel plans for your donation. You are required to bring one companion with you for your comfort and safety, as you will need someone to take you back to the hotel/home after the retrieval. If you would like to bring additional companions, it will be at your own expense.

“Egg donation involves a screening process. Not all potential egg donors are selected. Not all selected egg donors receive the monetary amounts or compensation advertised. As with any medical procedure, there may be risks associated with human egg donation. Before an egg donor agrees to begin the egg donation process, and signs a legally binding contract, she is required to receive specific information on the known risks of egg donation. Consultation with your doctor prior to entering into a donor contract is advised.”