Psychological Support for Surrogacy, Egg Donation and Parents

Comprehensive Support

At Conceptual Options, LLC you will find comprehensive psychological support services. Our clinical team is led by a clinical psychologist licensed by the State of California. Having a full-time psychological team allows us to insure the highest level of care is provided to our clients at every stage of the Third Party Family Building process.

We offer intended parents educational consultations and/or supportive counseling prior to and during the pregnancy and provide follow-up support for parents, siblings and offspring after the birth.

Before being selected, each surrogate and egg donor candidate is screened by our mental health professionals and is provided with an in-depth consultation and education regarding the psychological and medical aspects of Third Party Reproduction.

Each candidate is also interviewed by one of our doctors to insure they are fully educated and can make an informed consent regarding their participation in third party reproduction. During the intake interviews, our doctors discuss the psychological and emotionally sensitive issues surrounding third party reproduction.

Despite the overwhelming positive experiences of surrogacy, we know different aspects of ANY pregnancy can be stressful. Surrogate candidates are evaluated using a comprehensive battery of objective and projective psychological assessments to insure that they are equipped with the best psychological tools to cope with everyday stressors. The ultimate goal is to achieve and maintain the healthiest pregnancy possible. During the surrogate pregnancy and postpartum, surrogates participate in monthly support groups led by our mental health professionals. They also receive individual or family counseling on an as-need-basis to support them through any difficulties they encounter during the surrogacy. We understand members of the entire family make sacrifices and take on responsibilities associated with the surrogate pregnancy, which is why we refer to the unit as a “Surrogate Family”, and offer support to each person contributing to the pregnancy.

Here at Conceptual Options, we acknowledge that even the most positive life events can be stressful at times. We make every attempt to provide all parties involved in Third Party Family Building with as much support as they need to make it the most positive and rewarding experience possible.