Stella Rodriguez was born in El Centro, California and now resides in San Diego, California with her family of 6, which includes her 4 children, herself, and Spouse. On her free time, she loves to have family outings. In 2013 she decided to pursue Surrogacy to help grow other families who struggle with infertility; and she has been a gestational carrier in 2013 of a singleton girl, 2015 of a twin boy and girl, and 2017 of a twin boy and girl.

Furthermore, Stella has retired herself from being a gestational carrier and joined the Conceptual Options family in 2016 as a Surrogate Intake Coordinator. Stella then helped other potential gestational carriers by further understanding their objectives and ensuring future Surrogate Mothers met the requirements, understood the commitment, and shared her previous experiences as a Surrogate Mother.

Stella’s passion of helping Intended Parents is so strong that she then was promoted to Client Relations Specialist. With her strong communication skills, organization skills, and previous surrogacy experiences, she now provides caring and informative guidance for our intended parent’s during their path to parenthood.