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Before you begin filling out your egg donor application, here are some tips to make a great first impression for your potential Intended Parents:

TIP #1 – Photos

When you are looking for pictures to upload to your Egg Donor profile, make sure that you remember that your potential Intended Parents will be looking at each and every picture. Therefore, you should upload pictures that show you at your very best. Make sure that you upload pictures of you throughout your life and remember that it is always best to err on the conservative side.

TIP #2 – Answers

Most of the questions on the Egg Donor application can be answered in only a few words; however, as you answer each question, remember that your potential Intended Parents will be reading these answers, so make sure that you put plenty of thought and care to each answer. Intended Parents are looking for an Egg Donor that has similar interests and personality traits to themselves; therefore, make sure each answer paints the best picture of you and your personality.

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TIP #3 – Be Authentic

When you are filling out your Egg Donor application, make sure that you are being your true, authentic self. Don’t fill out the application with answers that you think potential Intended Parents want to hear. Instead, be thoughtful and authentic. Your true self with shine brighter than any embellished answers will.

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