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What are the types of Surrogacy?

What are the types of Surrogacy?

Types of Surrogacy


The Gestational Surrogacy process is where a Surrogate carries a baby to term for her Intended Parents. In this form of Surrogacy, the Gestational Carrier has no relation to the baby that she is carrying. The Surrogate Mother can either be implanted with the Intended Parents sperm and egg, donor sperm and donor eggs, or any combination of the two that is necessary for the Parents’ medical situation. After the Surrogate is implanted with the embryo using in vitro fertilization, she then carries the baby to term for the Intended Parents.


Social Surrogacy is for clients who do not have a physical need to hire a Surrogate but chose to do so for personal reasons. Social Surrogacy offers busy, career-minded women the opportunity to still have their own children biologically without sacrificing their successful careers. Many jobs place women of power straight in the public eye, in cases where pregnancy could make or break the result or success of their career. Social Surrogacy offers an alternative solution to choosing between career and family. Another group of women who seek social surrogacy is women over 35, considering pregnancy over the age of 35 now places them in a “high risk” category. No matter your reason for choosing Surrogacy, Conceptual Options are here to offer you a path towards family without judgment.


The difference between Traditional Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy is whether a Donor’s eggs were used to create the embryo that the Surrogate Mother is carrying. In Traditional Surrogacy, the Surrogate Mother’s own eggs are used. The sperm is then implanted into the Surrogate Mother using in vitro fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination (AI). The sperm implanted can either be from the Intended Father or a Sperm Donor. In this type of Surrogacy, the Surrogate Mother is also the Egg Donor.

Egg Donation

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