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Canadian Surrogates Interviewed About Their Motivations to Become a Surrogate

Canadian Surrogates Interviewed About Their Motivations to Become a Surrogate

After our last post, Conceptual Options’ top 5 reasons a woman (& their family) decides to become a Surrogate, we found this great article posted in the Toronto Star that interviewed several women who have chosen to become surrogate mothers under Canadian law. As with Surrogates in the US, these women show extraordinary altruism in being a Surrogate.

In the article, one Surrogate described her reason for wanting to become a Surrogate:

“I’ve always been someone who has loved helping others and making others happy,” she says. “It’s one of those things that you do for someone and there’s no way they can actually repay you.”

We certainly think that these motivations are universal. Thoughts?

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Top 5 Reasons a Woman (and her family) decides to become a Surrogate


Would you carry a stranger’s baby as a surrogate? What about the baby of your best friend? Many women decide to carry someone else’s baby as a surrogate for many different reasons….and after asking a sample of our surrogate mothers, we came up with our Top 5 Reasons a Woman (and her family) decides to become a surrogate and start their surrogacy journey.

1. “Giving something is as important as receiving something, and surrogacy allows me to do that each day.” – Conceptual Options’ Surrogate D

2. “Some people do it for the money, but I did it help someone create their precious family – a family that they would not have without my help.” – Conceptual Options’ Surrogate C

3. “It is just one way our family can give back in a really big way – the best way we know how.” Conceptual Options’ Surrogate G

4. “Surrogacy is a wonderful way for me to create something for someone else that you cannot put a price tag on.” Conceptual Options’ Surrogate R

5. “I gave life to my Intended Parents’ child, and they changed mine.”
Conceptual Options’ Surrogate S

To learn how you can become a Surrogate click here.

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Conceptual Options’ Surrogate Brittney Captures Surrogacy Journey on YouTube

Here at Conceptual Options we absolutely love when women demystify the journey of being a surrogate by sharing their experiences – the highs and the lows and the smiles and the tears. Plus, we just discovered that one of our very own surrogates is doing just that! Brittney and her family are open about matching with her Intended Parents, her medication protocol, her surrogacy agreement, her injections, her uterine lining check and embryo transfer – as well as the heartbeat ultrasound (yeah!!!) and frequent bump checks.

Thanks to Brittney and other strong women like her, you can discover whether surrogacy is right for you and your family.