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Surrogacy 101: How it Works

As we all know, before Kim Kardashian, Robert DeNiro, and Elton John, surrogacy was unknown to most people.  These celebrities who had chosen surrogacy to expand or create their families helped bring surrogacy into the mainstream consciousness.  But do many people know how surrogacy actually works? Well, thanks to a newly published primer by US News and World Report, people can now… Read More »Surrogacy 101: How it Works

Spanish TV Star Ana Obregón Admits Surrogate Baby is Her Grandchild

 Spanish TV Star, Ana Obregón, admitted recently that the child she had via surrogacy is in fact her grandchild.  She explained that before her son died in 2020, he told her wanted to have a child.  Thankfully, before he started his cancer treatments his doctors recommended that he preserve sperm samples, which he did.             The birth of Obregón’s surrogate baby initially… Read More »Spanish TV Star Ana Obregón Admits Surrogate Baby is Her Grandchild

Independent Surrogacy

Considering an independent surrogacy journey? 

Are you thinking of doing an independent surrogacy journey? Having a surrogacy agency behind you has major benefits for both the intended parents and surrogates. Coordinating a surrogacy journey is much more complex than one can imagine.  A surrogacy journey, with Conceptual Options, begins from the date of your surrogate application. Our surrogate intake team will guide you every step of the… Read More »Considering an independent surrogacy journey? 

Erin Andrews Surrogacy

Erin Andrews

The Picture of What Surrogacy Is According to Erin Andrews Considering Surrogacy to create your family is never an easy thing – whether you are choosing surrogacy as a single parent, as a married couple, or as an unmarried couple.  Choosing surrogacy involves trust, compassion, patience, and finances.  Surrogacy is also often considered by individuals and couples after years of heartbreak, brutal… Read More »Erin Andrews

Texas Surrogacy and Texas Surrogacy Laws

Texas and Surrogacy

Why You Should Consider Texas Surrogacy: Are you confused about where to start when it comes to Texas Surrogacy? Of course, everyone is, especially with the patchwork of laws in all 50 states.  But don’t worry; with the right information and counsel, you can start your journey in the best possible position while ensuring everyone is protected – the Intended Parents, the… Read More »Texas and Surrogacy

Social Surrogacy - What does it mean to me?

Social Surrogacy – What Does It Mean to Me?

Have you ever heard of social surrogacy?  What is it, and what does it mean for the future of parenthood?  As we all now know from the Kardashians, surrogacy is when a woman agrees to carry a baby on behalf of another couple or person, due to infertility, who will then become the child’s legal parent(s) after birth – whether single, couple,… Read More »Social Surrogacy – What Does It Mean to Me?


Surrogacy For The Single Person & Amber Heard

Many were shocked to learn that Actress, Amber Heard, had a baby through surrogacy this year. While no one seemed to be aware that she was about to become a mother at all, her surrogate gave birth to her daughter, Oonagh Paige, on April 8th. Amber said that a Physician had told her in the past that she would never be able… Read More »Surrogacy For The Single Person & Amber Heard

Surrogacy: Single Men Can Have A Baby Without A Partner

How Can Single Men Have a Baby Without a Partner via Surrogacy? Today, a person does not need to have a partner to start his own family.  In fact, many high-profile actors, politicians, lawyers, and sports personalities, along with many others, are now discovering ways to have their own child using the help of a Surrogate. The ever-growing landscape of IVF, Surrogacy,… Read More »Surrogacy: Single Men Can Have A Baby Without A Partner

Surrogate Journey

Deciding to Become a Surrogate for Surrogates and their Families

Deciding to become a surrogate is not an easy decision for any woman and her family, including kids and significant others.  “How will this affect my daily life, my children’s lives, and how will it affect my significant other?”  These are just some of the many questions that women ask us when considering surrogacy.             Well, one of our own Conceptual Options’… Read More »Deciding to Become a Surrogate for Surrogates and their Families

Coastal Fertility Announces Pregnancies in a Unique Way

Patients at the Coastal Fertility Medical Center have been getting good news about their confirmed pregnancies in a unique way since 1982 when the clinic first opened.  In fact, Dr. Lawrence Werlin and his team have made IVF pregnancy lab test result calls a group effort by notifying new parents with exciting announcements that includes his staff to cheer “You’re pregnant.” “Patients… Read More »Coastal Fertility Announces Pregnancies in a Unique Way