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Conceptual Options Presents Egg Donor Candidate Molli

Egg donor candidate, Molli, is excited to become an egg donor through Conceptual Options‘ program. She is currently available and has the following to say about herself:

“I am Graceful and Charming, Sunny Disposition, Ability to make people laugh. Deep Thinker with a Philosophical Bend. I have Appreciation for Beauty and Health in the World and others. I’ve always had a Beautiful voice since birth, athletic, artistic, creative, and energetic. I am proud of myself and really value freedom.”

She is currently a part-time a Yoga alliance instructor with a concentration in BKS Iyengar . Her full time passions are as a Manager/publicist for Grammy award winning record producer, as well as a Fashion Designer/ Textile Designer for swim, active and stage wear.

She is also a college graduate who currently resides in Alabama. She states that she wants to be an egg donor to help others have a family.

Find out more about Molli at Conceptual Options Donor database by clicking here.