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Italian Senators Calling for Criminalization of Surrogacy

In an attempt to defeat pro-gay marriage legislation legalizing civil unions in Italy, Senators have called for the criminalization of surrogacy; regardless of where the child was born via surrogacy. In fact, Catholic Senators from Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Democratic Party have included an amendment, which would require gay couples with children to prove they had not used a surrogate or face jail.

The Senators also recommended prison terms for gay couples who used overseas surrogates and that suggested surrogate children born to gay parents should be put up for adoption. Supporters of the civil union bill expect additional amendments to be proposed before the upcoming January 28th debate on the issues.

Gay rights advocates have described the proposed amendments as “indecent.”

“This is indecent. A law intended to recognize rights cannot be transformed into a criminalizing one that talks about prison,” said Gabriele Piazzoni, the national secretary of rights group Arcigay.

The civil unions bill is expected to pass but many fear that amendments such as those proposed by the Catholic Senators will be included.

Earlier this month Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano caused outrage after suggesting the use of commercial surrogates should be treated as a sex crime.

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