The Perfect Egg: What To Consider When Choosing Your Egg Donor

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The Perfect Egg: What To Consider When Choosing Your Egg Donor

As you start your journey to find an egg donor to fulfill your dreams of having a child, there won’t be a shortage of options. However, there might be a shortage of “the perfect fit” options. While all donors are wonderful, generous women who are willing to help others build a family, it’s important to consider the qualities you want in a donor.

There are many donors available who are lovely, but might not have the education or test scores to show their intelligence. There are donors who are fantastic, but perhaps a little out of the suggested age range for ideal success rates.

When it comes to choosing a donor, there are a few things you should take into consideration to ensure you have the highest possible chance of success. Don’t be afraid to hold your donor to the same standards you used when seeking a partner. Do their photos and profile scream “kind and smart” or “kind of smart”.

After all, the genes of the donor are going to be one half of your future child (genetically speaking). Here’s what not to miss on your donor check list:

1. Age

The age of your donor is one of the most important things to consider when choosing her. Most fertility clinics and doctors encourage you to choose the youngest eggs possible. However, there are many donors with very viable and healthy eggs in their mid to late twenties as well.

When it comes to donors over thirty, you might not be setting yourself up for the highest chance of a future pregnancy by using her eggs. If you’ve absolutely fallen for her and she is the only choice for you, then schedule a consultation with your doctor and take a good look at your possibilities.

When it comes to an egg donor, age matters. Eggs from a donor over thirty have a much higher chance of not developing properly.

2. Education

For some parents, education might be an important factor to consider. That’s not to say that donors who don’t have schooling or great test scores behind them wouldn’t make great donors. However, donors who have proven test scores or degrees behind them are showing you that they are smart, driven, and capable of overcoming challenges. All of these are great traits.

When looking for your donor, there is no shame in asking for schooling and test scores. If having an egg donor that’s intelligent is important to you, there are certainly many options available.

3. Physical Traits

When the only things you can base your selection off of is the information given you in a profile and photos, be confident in searching for the physical attributes you’d like in a donor. Maybe you want someone who looks like you or your sister.

Perhaps your family traditionally has a certain facial feature that makes you distinct. It’s a wonderful thing to want your future children to look like the rest of your family. Beyond brains, beauty is another huge factor in finding the perfect person to help you build a family.

What’s more? Everyone has different taste and finds different traits attractive. Whatever you’re looking for, you can have it. That’s part of what makes building a family with a donor so amazing.

4. Health History of an Egg Donor

Health history is important when it comes to finding the perfect donor. You will be given an extensive history of her family health history, and she will also often undergo genetic screening if you choose. Having all the information is important when finding your match.

If there are things in her health history that alarm you, then speak with your egg donor agency and make a further inquiry. Once her genetic screening is done you’ll know if you can move forward with her when you’re sure you don’t carry the same genetic carrier diseases (if any) that she does.

My Mama Told Me, You Better Shop Around

Take your time when finding a donor. Be patient, and know that the perfect, generous woman is out there who is incredibly excited to help you build a family.

Though challenges may arrive, stay the course and look at a variety of options. For the best egg donors available, contact us today.

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Vegas, Baby – A New Film On Infertility & IVF You MUST See!!!

A new film, Vegas Baby, by Director, Amanda Micheli, is a must see for anyone struggling with infertility, as well as those men and women who help them as surrogates, egg donors, sperm donors, IVF doctors, friends, and family. Produced by Morgan Spurlock, the film examines the world of in vitro fertilization and the marketing tools used IVF pioneer, Geoffrey Sher, and his Las Vegas clinic.

More specifically, each year the clinic holds a lottery where childless couples send in videos that make the pitch for a free treatment valued at approximately $20,000.00.

“Vegas Baby” follows the stories of a diverse group of contestants. They include Ann and Brian Johnson, of Green Bay, Wis., an interracial couple (Micheli, perhaps wisely, does not comment on this) who have lost prematurely born twins. They have also been unsuccessful in adopting, and see this as their last chance to have a family.

Rosalinda and Dago Patlan, a Hispanic couple from San Antonio, have tried repeatedly without success to have a baby, despite the toll it has taken on their finances and relationship. Rosalinda, who at a young age lost her father and two brothers, insists that she be the biological mother. She refuses to adopt, an attitude that weighs on Dago, who was himself adopted as a child.

Athena Reich, from New York City, is a performer who works as a Lady Gaga impersonator. She finds it more difficult to admit to herself that she is infertile than it was for her to come out to others that she is gay.

There is only one winner, but the two runners-up also persevere in their wish to have the treatment, which Sher offers at a discount. Nonetheless the cost — not just financial, but emotional and in terms of relationships — is considerable.

This film is raw, full of emotions, certainly a film we should all see – especially since 1 in 6 are infertile.

As stated by the Director Amanda Micheli,

While I can’t control my fertility, I can use my skills as a filmmaker to try to give voice to the 1 in 6 — straight, gay, coupled, or going it alone — who struggle with infertility in isolation. By humanizing their stories, my goal is to break the silence around this medical and social issue and ignite a conversation about the flipside of reproductive choice: the choice to have a child.

Find out where to see the film here, as well as on iTunes and Netflix to name a few.