Surrogacy in the United States for Australia

Conceptual Options, LLC has been helping build families throughout the world since 1999. In fact, our very first surrogacy journey was with a couple from Australia! We are headquartered in Southern California. California is one of the friendliest places in world for surrogacy. We have three locations to choose from, San Diego, Los Angeles and Anaheim.


California Surrogacy Laws

The California legislature has determined surrogacy to be legal and has provided regulations to govern facilitators. Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency complies with all of the current laws and goes above and beyond by adding a level of professionalism that no other agency does. We have three Psychologists (PhD’s) on staff to ensure the quality of the women who enter our program is unmatched.


Gestational Surrogacy Agency

Conceptual Options gestational surrogate intake program is second to none. We do exhaustive testing on all of our candidates. Currently we have an acceptance rate of 4% of applicants. Yes, that is correct only 4% of all applicants meet the strict requirements we have put in place for the woman who may one day help you or a friend build their family. At Conceptual Options we understand why it is so important to ensure that any potential surrogate in our program must not only meet the physical requirements to become a surrogate, but also have the emotional intelligence that is required.


International Surrogacy Agency

Our full service staff has the ability to guide you through the process of returning to Australia with your new family. We have staff members that are fully informed on the process of passports, birth certificates and dealing with governmental agencies. Remember, surrogacy is legal in California and normally you will be able to return to Australia within 2-3 weeks of your baby being born.

Here is a link to the Embassy here in the United States for Australians doing surrogacy.


Why You Need Conceptual Options Surrogacy Agency

Conceptual Options professional staff has the ability to guide you through your journey and give you the freedom to enjoy it while thousands of miles away. We are here and available twenty-four hours a day. We have helped many prospective parents build their family and are always available for a free consultation via telephone, Skype, email or in person.