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After years of heartbreak, Kate Austin-Rivas shared the story of her path to motherhood again through surrogacy. Austin-Rivas and her husband began their journey to parenthood with multiple miscarriages until they finally welcomed their first daughter in 2009. Following the birth of their daughter, Austin-Rivas was able to “easily” conceive another daughter, but unfortunately she was stillborn. After a period of healing, the couple tried again and Austin-Rivas was able to carry their baby to term. Sadly, this baby died a month later from oxygen deprivation after a catastrophic delivery that almost cost Austin-Rivas her life as well.

After so much tragedy and heartbreak Austin-Rivas and her husband were determined to have another child and decided surrogacy was the best route for them. And in June of 2015 their Surrogate became pregnant via IVF and their healthy baby girl was born in January of 2016.

Austin-Rivas hopes that her family’s story will inspire other families who are also struggling:

“Our situation is so unique in a tragic way,” she said. “I’m not a big pusher of anything. Surrogacy is not for everyone. But for us, it was our option. Every situation is unique and I think its important people do what they need to do for themselves.”

Her story is definitely inspiring to us and we wish her and her family all the best.

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