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The British TV show, ‘This Time Next Year,’ focuses on inspirational aspects of every day people’s lives. Recently, the show focused on couple, Kathryn Mallory and Chris Chapman, who were struggling to complete their family after using IVF to conceive their first child.

Kathryn successfully beat cancer as a child and after conceiving their first child, doctors told Kathryn that she would not be able to carry another. Luckily, Kathryn and her husband met Janine Gregory who agreed to be their Surrogate mother and even ended up donating her own eggs to help the couple conceive their second child.

On the show, Kathryn and Chris revealed that a year after they first came onto the show they were now parents to a second daughter, Ella. Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their awe of Janine and how she helped the couple. Some fans even expressed their desire to become Surrogate’s themselves.

It’s always wonderful to see another family becoming complete with the help of Surrogacy.

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