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For many people, IVF fertility treatments, donor eggs and donor sperm, as well as surrogacy, are foreign concepts when it comes to creating their family; but, for many others, it is not. In fact, 1 out of 8 couples and individuals in the United States are infertile. Those statistics are the reason why many infertile individuals and couples, as well as our LGBTQ and single clients, have realized for years that these options are often their only way by which to create a family.

To be sure, these fertility options that are available in California, especially surrogacy, do not come without their own set of issues that need to be navigated during your journey. One specific aspect of surrogacy faced by most people on their journey is the issue regarding the carrying of multiple babies, as well as how many embryos to transfer and what to do if the embryo transfer results in two or more fetuses. At Conceptual Options we pride ourselves by educating our clients throughout the process, whether you are a Surrogate or an Intended Parent. Conceptual Options believes that through education and the proper operating protocol that exists within an agency or clinic is essential to promote successful surrogacy arrangements.

And, with that Conceptual Options applauds the recent ruling of the US District Court that rejected a Plaintiff’s claim that the 2012 California Surrogacy Statute violated the constitutional rights of surrogates and babies born via surrogacy. Conceptual Options knows and understands that surrogacy can be an emotional journey filled with highs and lows; but, we also know that proper planning and education can help limit these sorts of issues for you and your surrogate.

Read the entire ruling here.

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