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Photo courtesy of @twogaypapas Instagram.

Congratulations are in order for Gordon Lake & Manuel Santos (whose 15 month old daughter was kept in Thailand) because they are now able to take their daughter home!

This case began in January of 2015 when the couple’s surrogate refused to sign documents to allow the couple to take their daughter from Thailand because she did not believe that they were “an ordinary couple.” However, after the long battle the court in Bangkok ruled in favor of the couple last month.

Following their 15 month ordeal, the couple posted on their Facebook page saying:

‘We are just overwhelmed with emotion,’ [Gordon] Lake said after the ruling, telling his supporters via Facebook: ‘Today is a huge day for love, for family and for truth. And it is also a big day for LGBT rights.’

Mr. Lake is right, this is a huge victory, and we congratulate them and wish them a safe return with their baby girl!

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