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Educating the Public on Surrogacy – Global Impact & Insight

All of us know someone who thinks Surrogacy is wrong for many reasons, and we often try and think of ways to educate those who really “don’t know because they have never experienced it.”

In fact, we recently had a gentleman that insisted that Surrogacy was wrong because there are so many children in the world that need to be placed in good homes through adoption and foster care. What he did not realize is that women who are Surrogates are very passionate about their path in life and their status as a woman who helps others create their families when they are otherwise unable. And, adoption and foster care is not for everyone for many, many reasons that we do not need to go into here.

Regardless, we are very proud of our Conceptual Options’ Surrogates who helped us educate this man and they seem to have inspired him to rethink his position. Also, we would like to commend this gentleman for respecting other’s opinions and having an open mind; cheers to you sir!

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