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New California Law Would Allow Women To Be Compensated For Donating Eggs To Science

In 2006, a law was passed in California that barred researchers from compensating women who donated their eggs to science for research on fertility, stem cells, and other biomedical research. However, a new bill AB 2531 sponsored by the ASRM is heading to the California senate today (August 1, 2016) to overturn that 2006 law.

ASRM spokesperson, Sean Tipton, explained why this new law is needed:

““It’s needed to correct a strange and outdated feature in California law,” women are paid when they donate eggs to make babies, and people are paid when they are research subjects, he noted. “But if you combine the two, you can’t be compensated. I don’t think that makes any sense.”

This law will follow a similar law that was passed in 2009 in New York when the state realized that there were more and more researchers looking to study fertility and stem cells.

We will have to wait and see if AB 2531 will be passed or not in the coming days.

For more information see this article and the full bill for AB 2531.

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