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Becoming an Egg Donor is a significant decision for any woman, and it is one that she should thoroughly research before she decides to move forward. In fact, not only is it important for a woman to educate herself thoroughly, but she should also make certain that she is doing it for the right reasons – no matter what those reasons are.

Let’s be honest, the money you receive for donating your eggs is great, but the money really should not be the only reason that a woman decides to donate her eggs. And, why is that? Well, to start, there are a lot of things involved with becoming an Egg Donor and many things to consider – medications, psychological evaluations, and finally the egg retrieval. So, please educate yourself about the entire process by reading articles on Egg Donation first.

One that we found, written by a woman named Sarah, is about what it is really like to become an Egg Donor for someone trying to create their family through Egg Donation.

“Egg donation has increased in use in recent years, changing from a sideline and somewhat obscure choice to a realistic and popular option for many couples struggling to conceive. Yet despite becoming more commonplace, much of the process is still deeply obscured and stigmatized. One woman has shared her story online in a bid to dispel myths and put a human face to the process.

The woman, aged 25, known only as Sarah has been sharing her story and inviting questions in the online forum Reddit. She explains that she wants to debunk the silence surrounding egg donation and inspire others to do the same. She said of her experience: “My name is Sarah, and last year, I decided to donate my eggs. The idea always interested me- my mother encouraged it as a way to pay for loans, and I liked the idea of being able to help a family have a child.”

Read more here about Sarah’s experience in this article by Independent.

Does her story help you one way or another to decide whether or not to become an egg donor? Let us know. We would love to share your experiences here.

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