Information on Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy & Egg Donation

1. How do I select an agency to work with?

Your journey to creating your family through surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation will be different from everyone else – however, selecting a surrogacy agency and egg donation agency to work with does not need to be a difficult process for you. Consider what your needs and expectations are then do your homework and choose an agency that best suits you as a family. By working with Conceptual Options, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with an agency that has the experience and reputation to fully assist and oversee your successful egg donation and/or surrogacy arrangement by minimizing risks in your most precious investment, your family.

2. How long has Conceptual Options been in business?

Conceptual Options has the experience and reputation to fully assist and oversee your successful egg donation, sperm donation, and/or surrogacy arrangement. We should know – we have been making families a reality since 1999.

3. Why should I work with Conceptual Options?

Because we have been in business since 1999, have an excellent reputation that is above all others in the industry, and the staff is with you every step of the way in your journey to creating a family. In addition, we have a staff that includes three psychological staff members, including a licensed psychologist and a licensed clinical social worker that creates a program like no other agency or clinic in this industry.

4. What about waiting lists for surrogates?

While some agencies will require you to pay an up front agency fee in order to be placed on a wait list for surrogates, Conceptual Options does not. We pride ourselves in our holistic approach that involves a team matching process – that includes you, your surrogate and our clinical team.

5. How should I select my team using third party reproduction to create my family?

By choosing the right doctor, the right attorney, and the right agency, you can be assured that the pieces of the puzzle will come together to provide you the comfort of knowing that you are taking the right steps in creating your family. Our suggestion to you is to make certain that you protect yourself and your future child by working with professionals that have the experience and the expertise to make your journey a positive one. We, Conceptual Options, pride ourselves in being one of the most experienced and professional agencies in the industry.

6. How many cycles do you complete a year, and how many families has Conceptual Options created since 1999?

Conceptual Options does approximately 250 cycles per year with egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates, and we currently have helped bring 1100 babies into families across the world since 1999.