Selecting a Surrogacy Agency or Egg Donation Agency

Selecting a surrogacy agency or egg donation agency that will provide you support and guidance on your path to creating your family may seem daunting for intended parents, surrogates and donors alike, but it does not have to be. What is most important is to make certain that you work with a reputable agency that will support you in your journey and that will help you protect your family.

With that in mind we have listed some important questions to ask any surrogacy or egg donation agency before you proceed. As you ask these questions, we are certain you will find that Conceptual Options meets and exceeds all of your expectations.

1. How long has your agency been in business?

Conceptual Options has been in business since 1999 helping intended parents, surrogate mothers, egg donors and sperm donors get the support, advice, and professional education that they need about third party reproduction.

2. Do you carry Errors & Omissions Insurance?

At Conceptual Options we are fully insured against Errors & Omissions Insurance and will provide proof upon request to our clients, surrogates, egg donors and sperm donors.

3. Why should I select Conceptual Options for my surrogate, egg donor or sperm donor?

When choosing your agency, it is wise to select the one that has the most knowledge and experience in matching potential intended parents with the surrogate mother, egg donor or sperm donor of their choice. Since 1999 Conceptual Options has been the cutting edge of creating more options for potential parents, by ensuring that every aspect of your journey is being taken care of as needed. In fact, Conceptual Options has a licensed Psychologist (PhD) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) on staff and in house working to help build a safe and comfortable journey for you, our clients, along with a complete staff and dedicated team to support and assist you.
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4. Does the agency have a database of available donors and surrogates?

Conceptual Options prides itself in making certain that all of our donors and surrogates are available and ready to assist you in your journey to create a family. Don’t always assume another agency’s database is as thorough or as up to date as our Conceptual Options’ database.

5. What type of screening and support do you provide your surrogate mothers?

Conceptual Options has set the standard in the industry for screening and support of all of their surrogates. We have created a protocol that is unmatched – in fact, only 3-4% of all surrogate applicants are approved to be included in our surrogacy database.

Our screening is rigorous and our psychological support is unmatched with our Psychological Support Team and Support Staff, which includes a licensed Psychologist (PhD) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

6. What type of screening and support do you provide your egg donors and sperm donors?

Again as with our surrogate mothers, Conceptual Options has implemented a rigorous protocol that we follow in the screening of all our egg donors and sperm donors. We have created a database of donors that understand their rights and responsibilities and are educated on the process before they start any cycle with you. Whether you have an open donation, anonymous donation or a semi-closed egg donation/sperm donation cycle, you will have the peace of mind moving forward in this process when you work with Conceptual Options.

7. How are funds held for your surrogates, egg donors and sperm donors? Is our money protected?

At Conceptual Options all funds for our surrogates, egg donors, and sperm donors are held by an outside escrow agency or an outside attorney trust account depending on the case and your needs. As you are looking for a surrogacy agency and an egg donation agency, you should always make certain that the funds are held by an escrow company or by an independent licensed attorney.

8. How many surrogacy and egg donor cycles do you do per year?

On average Conceptual Options does 250 complete cycles per year. Since 1999 we have helped over 1100 families complete their journey via surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation.

9.Does the agency merely provide a matching service or does it provide support throughout the entire process until we take our baby home?

Conceptual Options takes support of our intended parents, surrogates and donors seriously, which is why we are available 24 hours a day throughout the process and beyond.

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