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Deciding to Become a Surrogate for Surrogates and their Families

Surrogate Journey

Deciding to become a surrogate is not an easy decision for any woman and her family, including kids and significant others.  “How will this affect my daily life, my children’s lives, and how will it affect my significant other?”  These are just some of the many questions that women ask us when considering surrogacy.

            Well, one of our own Conceptual Options’ Surrogates was just recently interviewed about her experience as a surrogate and how her husband joined her on her journey and made it truly a team effort and team commitment. As she said, “Not many husbands would support their wives bringing someone else’s baby into the world.”

            Jennifer’s interview is both candid and moving, one that should bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.  She provides details on the struggle her and her Intended Parents went through to bring their beautiful baby into the world. 

For more on Becoming a Surrogate and Jennifer’s journey to surrogacy, check out the article here on here at Love What Matters.

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