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Erin Andrews Surrogacy

Considering Surrogacy to create your family is never an easy thing – whether you are choosing surrogacy as a single parent, as a married couple, or as an unmarried couple.  Choosing surrogacy involves trust, compassion, patience, and finances.  Surrogacy is also often considered by individuals and couples after years of heartbreak, brutal IVF treatments, and loss.  “The struggle is real” as they say.            

In fact, one well-known sportscaster and entrepreneur, Erin Andrews, just welcomed her first child via surrogacy.  Not only is she over the moon, but she also wants us to “change the way we talk about surrogacy.”   In doing so she is now telling her story in Glamour Magazine – about her journey to parenthood for the past 10 years with her husband, Jarret Stoll. 

For more on Erin Andrews and her journey to motherhood, check out her podcast, Calm Down with Erin and Charissa.            

Want to learn more about Surrogacy?  Read Glamour’s interview with Erin Andrews here.  Please contact us today at www.ConceptualOptions.com or by calling 858-748-4222 to learn more about how surrogacy can be right for you.

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