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Parents Fight for Equal Rights under Massachusetts’s Parental Rights Laws

For LGBTQ parents, Massachusetts’s laws place them in a legal gray area regarding their parental rights when utilizing IVF and Surrogacy to create their families.  In fact, many couples have to also undergo a stepparent adoption in order for their partners to have the same parental rights as they do from the time of birth.  Many consider that additional step demeaning and unnecessary. 

             Fortunately, AllPaths Family Building is part of a coalition that is pushing for the parental rights laws of Massachusetts to be updated to clarify how those creating their family using assisted reproduction and/or surrogacy can secure their legal parental rights without having to live in the gray areas that currently exist.  They want to ensure that these couples can be on equal footing at the time of their child’s birth.  The impact of these changes will determine custody, health decisions, insurance and travelling across state lines in the future.

For more on Massachusetts’s current parental rights laws and the steps that are being taken to change that, check out the article here at Boston 25 News.

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