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Spanish TV Star Ana Obregón Admits Surrogate Baby is Her Grandchild

Ana Obregon

 Spanish TV Star, Ana Obregón, admitted recently that the child she had via surrogacy is in fact her grandchild.  She explained that before her son died in 2020, he told her wanted to have a child.  Thankfully, before he started his cancer treatments his doctors recommended that he preserve sperm samples, which he did.

            The birth of Obregón’s surrogate baby initially caused an uproar in Spain, with some politicians again calling surrogacy out as “womb renting” while others questioned her age. Fortunately, Ana and her grandchild are thriving despite any controversy.

Ana Obregon and grandchild

            “This girl is not my daughter, but rather my granddaughter,” Obregón told the magazine. “It was Aless’s last wish to bring a child into the world.”

For more on Ana Obregón’s story, check out the article here on here at The Guardian.

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