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Surrogacy 101: How it Works


As we all know, before Kim Kardashian, Robert DeNiro, and Elton John, surrogacy was unknown to most people.  These celebrities who had chosen surrogacy to expand or create their families helped bring surrogacy into the mainstream consciousness.  But do many people know how surrogacy actually works?

Well, thanks to a newly published primer by US News and World Report, people can now get a better understanding about how surrogacy works versus just seeing the smiling babies once they are born.   The article explains what surrogacy is, why someone would choose surrogacy, and how the process works from start to finish – from the emotional aspects, financial aspects, legal aspects, and the insurance aspects that those pursing surrogacy must consider. 

The article also touches on how long surrogacy can take and how someone can locate a surrogate and start their journey in the event they choose that option for them and their families. 

For more on surrogacy and how it works, find the US News and World Report article here.

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