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How Can Single Men Have a Baby Without a Partner via Surrogacy?

Today, a person does not need to have a partner to start his own family.  In fact, many high-profile actors, politicians, lawyers, and sports personalities, along with many others, are now discovering ways to have their own child using the help of a Surrogate. The ever-growing landscape of IVF, Surrogacy, and Egg Donation have allowed these men to create the family that have only hoped for in the past. 

Surrogacy and the Single Father

Although gestational surrogacy is widespread, many countries only allow married couples to utilize a Surrogate.  However, many states in the US permit single fathers to be listed as the sole parent without the necessity of a partner or a marriage certificate, while using an egg donor for the other genetic component.

Benefits of Surrogacy while Being a Single Father

Most importantly, a single father will be able to create his own family without the difficulties often seen in adoptions. Specifically, many adoptions require that the individual is in a loving relationship and/or married.  A single father will also be genetically related to his child that is born via a Surrogate. 

Disadvantages of Surrogacy while Being a Single Father

While Surrogacy can be expensive or prohibited in one’s home country, it is important to seek help from a reputable surrogacy agency that can facilitate the process for single parents Conceptual Options understands one’s residency and citizenship status can have an effect on their ability to utilize Surrogacy while being single which is why we protect the parties from any issues that may occur during the surrogacy process by finding and working with clinics that are single parent and surrogacy friendly. .

How Can Conceptual Options Help You Become a Single Father?

Conceptual Options has been helping single men become single fathers since 1999. Please call one of our Client Relations Staff at 858-748-4222 or find us at https://www.ConceptualOptions.com.

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