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The Importance of Surrogacy Insurance & How to Protect Yourself


            For years insurance that covers a surrogate who is carrying your baby has been difficult to obtain to say the least.  With many carriers pulling out of the various insurance markets, Surrogates, Surrogacy Agencies, and Intended Parents alike have been looking for a solution to alleviate the costs associated with a surrogacy birth.

            Unfortunately, there are always a few bad actors who come up with a solution but are unable to provide the insurance coverage they have promised.  One such company, Omega, has now filed for bankruptcy protection leaving Surrogates and Intended Parents left holding the bills.

            Thankfully, members of the surrogacy industry have stepped up to help these people who relied so heavily on the plans that they selected.  The article below is a must read for anyone considering surrogacy.

            For more on surrogacy insurance and how it can affect your surrogacy journey, click here to read the full article from Above the Law.

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