What is it Like to Be a Surrogate Mother?


Being a surrogate mother is a wonderful and rewarding experience. At Conceptual Options take pride in the fact that we are here to help our surrogates throughout the entire process, each and every day.

In fact, Conceptual Options provides each and every one of our surrogate mothers fantastic community events, such a seasonal parties, monthly raffles, and family get-togethers, as well as one-on-one psychological support both in person and on phone, group support, and some of the most competitive compensation programs available.

As a part of the Conceptual Options family, you have the opportunity to be involved in a wonderful and rewarding experience like no other. As a surrogate mother you will be helping one of the millions of people affected by infertility create their family and provide them the gift of a child – a child they could not have without your help as their surrogate.

In addition, by joining our family you will become a part of community of like-minded women who have chosen to empower themselves and their own families as they follow their surrogacy journey together. These women, along with our support staff that consists of a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, will help you navigate your way to a fabulous surrogacy journey.

Surrogate Events


For your ultimate surrogacy experience, you need a surrogacy agency that consists of professionals that have the experience and the expertise to make your journey a positive one. Our staff is available to you 24 hours a day for any necessary psychological and emotional support, even when you just need someone to talk to or ask a question. Conceptual Options has the experience and reputation to fully assist and oversee your surrogacy arrangement. We should know – we have been making families a reality since 1999.

Curious to know how others feel about being a part of the Conceptual Options’ family? Here is what some of our surrogates have to say about their experience:

“With my short life I am changing the lives of families for the better. I don’t know what you are doing with your life, but this is what I’m doing with mine. And, I am doing it through Conceptual Options.”

“Conceptual Options made my surrogacy journey an absolute joy – their staff, especially Jenny, has the dedication to make you feel at home with your decision to become a surrogate each and every day.”

“Becoming a surrogate was not what I expected – it was so much more. Thank you Conceptual Options for making my surrogate experience the ultimate surrogacy experience.”

Valerie’s Birth Story – “The next thing I knew, I was being wheeled down the hallway and into the OR. Shortly after getting my spinal and all set-up, they brought their Daddy in. The two of us sat there patiently and waited.

About 15 minutes later, Miss Arabella made her grand entrance into this world with lungs full of air. The docs let her Daddy stand up and take pictures. Moments later, Miss Audrey followed her sister into this world with sass and power in her first few cries. Looking up, all I could see was their Daddy’s face. You know what I saw?


With tears running down his face, he bent down and hugged me for a long time. We both just sat there and cried. He thanked me over and over for making his dreams come true. No sir, thank YOU for teaching me what carelessness and genuine love really looks like.”

Referral Bonus Program
Do you know a woman who would be a fantastic
Surrogate? Refer her to our program and get a bonus!
* If you refer a first-time Surrogate to our program you will receive a $500 gift card when she receives legal clearance.
* If you refer an experienced Surrogate to our program you will receive a $1,000 gift card when she receives legal clearance.
If you have any additional questions about the referral program, please contact one of our Surrogate Intake Team Members:
Raina – Raina@ConceptualOptions.com
Maggie – SurroIntake@ConceptualOptions.com
Renae – DonorIntake@ConceptualOptions.com