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Patients at the Coastal Fertility Medical Center have been getting good news about their confirmed pregnancies in a unique way since 1982 when the clinic first opened.  In fact, Dr. Lawrence Werlin and his team have made IVF pregnancy lab test result calls a group effort by notifying new parents with exciting announcements that includes his staff to cheer “You’re pregnant.”

“Patients exhibit many different reactions when they receive the news. They have heard so much negativity that when they receive good news, they are speechless,” Werlin said, in an interview with SWNS. “[Or they say] things like; ‘I can’t believe it!’, ‘Are you serious?!'”

According to South West New Service & Coastal Fertility,

“A highlight for all of us at Coastal Fertility is Dr. Werlin gathering the staff to make the You’re Pregnant calls as a group,” a spokesperson for Coastal Fertility Medical Center wrote to Fox News.

“The journey for many patients is long and personal, so they develop relationships with all of us along the way,” Coastal Fertility’s statement goes on. “We are a team and are invested in their success from the moment they enter our practice. We love that Dr. Werlin acknowledges “it takes the entire team” to   help the each this milestone and makes a point we celebrate the moment together with them.”

There is also an amazing video that you can see here to show you just how excited these new parents are when they receive this call from their doctor and his staff. Feel free to contact us here at Conceptual Options to learn more about how you can also receive a call like this one – a positive pregnancy test whether through IVF, Surrogacy or Egg Donation!!