Surrogacy Costs vary greatly from case to case. Below you will find an itemized list of surrogacy procedures / services which contribute to the final cost of surrogacy. This is in no way a conclusive list, however it is a fair representation of the procedures, services, etc one can expect when becoming a parent through surrogacy. Please remember that certain fees are dependent upon your personal situation and as we all know, situations vary. If you would like a more detailed surrogacy costs list, please contact our San Diego surrogacy agency.

Surrogacy Screening Fees

-Medical Screening Fees (Surrogate)
-Psychological Screening Fee
-Criminal History Inquiry Fee
-Intended Parent(s) Medical Screening, Semen Analysis, and genetic screening
-Intended Parent(s) Parental Preparation Meeting w/ Psychologist

Surrogate Compensation & Other Expenses

-Surrogate Mother Pregnancy Compensation
-Surrogate Monthly Expense Allowance
-Surrogate IVF Transfer Fee (embryo transfer, each attempt)
-Surrogate Life Insurance
-Surrogate Maternity Clothing Allowance (depending on number of fetuses)
-Surrogate Monthly Counseling Fee (paid over the course of pregnancy)
-Surrogate Start of Medications Fee (each attempt)
-Surrogate Insurance (depends on policy)

Agency / Related Legal Fees – Finalization of Parental Rights

-Surrogates Attorney Fee
-Intended Parent(s) Attorney Fee for Drafting Surrogacy Agreement
-Intended Parent(s) Parental Rights
-Filing Fees for Parental Rights
-Surrogacy Trust Fee

Medical & Insurance Expenses

-Medical Fees and Hospital / Lab Charges for Initial Fresh Embryo Transfer
-Medications for Surrogate for Initial Fresh Embryo Transfer
-Surrogate Outside Monitoring Fee

If you would like to see our list of typical surrogacy costs with the average dollar amounts included, please contact any one of our surrogacy agencies.