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Our newest Surrogacy Education Series is being released on a weekly basis by Conceptual Options in order to educate LGBTQ parents who are just starting or just beginning to consider a journey to parenthood via surrogacy. In the series, we will go over the basics such as Selecting your Surrogacy Agency, Selecting your Surrogate, How to Prepare for your Surrogate Match Meeting, and Selecting your IVF Clinic to just name a few.

Stay posted for our upcoming videos such as What to Expect at your Surrogate’s Medical Screening, Selecting your Attorney, What to Expect During the Contract Process, and all the way to the birth of your child and taking your child home as a family.

So, no matter whether you are a same sex couple of two dads, a lesbian couple, a single parent, or a transgender parent, Conceptual Options has the answers. As we have always said, “All Families are Traditional, some just take different paths by using our Center.”

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