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Egg donation is the selfless act of a woman donating her eggs for the benefit of another family who can not naturally conceive. However, many women aren’t sure of what it entails and what the benefits are.

Becoming a donor will change you in ways you might not expect. There are multiple benefits for both you and the family you are donating to. Egg donation is a safe and healthy process that can offer you peace of mind that you’ve helped someone else complete their family puzzle.

Have no fear; a guide to why you should donate your eggs is here:

1. It’s the Ultimate Gift

As a woman, you have the power to help another couple build a family who is struggling to do so. Many people have dreams of having a child, but not everyone has the functioning parts to do so. Offering a piece of your literal self is truly the greatest gift you could give someone who is eager to start a family.

There is no price for a woman who is as generous as those who make an egg donation. Though the process of IVF is expensive, the recipients of your eggs remain in gratitude for the rest of their lives. You have offered a gift that can only come through an act that is truly based in love.

2. You’ll Get All Your Health Facts

Because egg donation has so many moving parts and steps, you will receive a lot of information you didn’t have otherwise. From a full family health history report to a genetic screening, you’ll gather information about your own body that might impact your future.

You will find out what you are a genetic carrier of and how your follicles are doing. You’ll find out a lot about your fertility and about your ovaries and overall egg production. You will learn about the beautiful body you possess and how to properly care for it.

3. The Compensation for Egg Donation

It is only fitting that in the world of egg donation, an egg donor is compensated for her physical, emotional, and time-based commitment to the process. Compensation is a wonderful part of becoming a donor.

Perhaps you have loans or schooling that you need to pay down. As you bless the life of another family, you will receive compensation that can help ease whatever financial burdens you are currently dealing with.

Though compensation is never the first priority for altruistic donors, there is absolutely no shame in enjoying a returned gift for your egg donation. Compensation can help free up some of your time and allow you to follow things that you are passionate about.

Girl Power

The truth is, egg donation is empowering. You will leave your clinic knowing that you offered something that only a woman can. You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of the IVF process and how your own reproductive system works, and knowledge is empowering.

As women slowly start to take over the world, join the ranks of those that are changing lives. Women are in the driver’s seat of their destiny in 2018! Every decision is yours to make, from starting your own business to offering a selfless act to another family who is struggling. You can make all of your (and their) dreams come true.

When you are ready to jump in for a seamless and easy egg donation with the best agency in the business, contact us today.

become an egg donor
Become an Egg Donor

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