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The Staff of Conceptual Options is sending love and positive vibes to everyone during this trying time. With so much unknown at this time, we want you to know that we are here for you. In fact, new information from ASRM has now set up our industry to re-open.

In fact, ASRM has provided guidance for those IVF clinics that are hoping and have been re-opened to treat infertility, a “serious disease.” As such, ASRM has provided IVF clinics that we at Conceptual Options work with a risk assessment plan to ensure that they are not only protecting Intended Parents, but also Surrogates and Egg Donors, who are an integral part of most of our patients’ fertility treatment.

In addition, in our community we are applauding the Surrogate who carried the son of Anderson Cooper, who did so during this pandemic. Nothing more can be said than “Thank You!” for another family that would not be in existence without you – the Surrogate, especially for an LGBTQ family.

We, Conceptual Options, will continue to monitor the situation and be mindful of the feelings of those in the midst of this outbreak, and focus on safety and security as our highest priority. We are here for new Surrogates, new Egg Donors, and all of those that we impact in your journey.

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