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The Surrogate Experience

The Surrogate Experience Series

Conceptual Options, LLC is happy to announce our new video series, “The Surrogate Experience.” In this series, we interviewed three of our phenomenal, experienced Surrogates about their personal Surrogacy journey and what being a Surrogate means to them.

Each Surrogate has their own reasons for becoming a Surrogate, and each women also has a different experience, which you will see as you watch the videos. Each of our Surrogates has the experience and understanding to give fantastic insight into Surrogacy and its pros and cons; as well as the type and amount of support that all of Conceptual Options’ Surrogates receive throughout their journey.

We hope you get a better understanding of the Surrogate experience, and enjoy each of these videos. Please check back as we premiere each video in this series.

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Stuart Semple

Artist to Donate Artwork to Raise Awareness of Egg Donation

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Stuart Semple is a leading artist whose work is owned by celebrities and high profile art collectors; with his work usually ranging in price from £300 (for a limited edition print) to £300,000 (for larger paintings). However, for his current project he will be handing out more than 1,000 of his signed paintings to the public for free to raise awareness for the need to get more egg donors in the UK.

About this project, Semple has high hopes, telling the media:

“Hopefully the project will be uplifting, bringing a little unexpected happiness to people’s mornings! But importantly, I’m also hoping of course that these temporary public sculptures, and the art pieces that we are giving away, will encourage some important discussions about egg donation and fertility.”

This is a great project to bring awareness for the need for more egg donors in the UK and hopefully it will help many dealing with infertility.

To learn more about this project, see the full article here or go to the project’s website here.

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New Jersey Hopes to Expand Infertility Coverage to Lesbians

New Jersey Hopes to Expand Infertility Coverage to Lesbians

Under current New Jersey law, Lesbians are kept out of the mandated insurance coverage for infertility treatments because the current law calls for:

“failure to conceive after a certain period of unprotected sex for women younger than 35 or after one year for women older than 35.”

Of course, this blocks any coverage for Lesbians to get their fertility treatments covered.

One Lesbian couple is commencing a federal lawsuit to get equal coverage under the law, saying:

“the right of all New Jersey women who dream of becoming mothers to access the reproductive healthcare they need to realize that dream on an equal basis.”

Hopefully, when the New Jersey Legislature reconvenes in September there will be no need for their lawsuit since some lawmakers plan to push to expand insurance coverage for fertility treatments for all same-sex couples.

This will definitely be something to watch in the coming months. To read more on the case view the full article here.