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Surrogacy in the Animal Kingdom Comes to San Diego Zoo

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The San Diego Zoo has welcomed six southern white rhinos from South Africa in hopes they’ll become surrogate mothers for the critically endangered northern white rhino.

The rhinos are living at the zoo’s new Rhino Rescue Center, built specifically for the six females. They will not be on public display as their sole purpose is to increase the population over the next 15 years.

According to the Associated Press,

Zoo researchers are working on developing northern white rhino embryos to be implanted in the six new arrivals, who will serve as surrogate mothers.

Just four northern white rhinos are left in the world, including 41-year-old Nola, a female who lives at the San Diego Zoo. The other three live in Kenya.

The subspecies has been decimated by poachers, who kill the rhinos for their horns. The horns are in high demand in parts of Asia where some people claim they have medicinal properties for treating everything from hangovers to cancer.

Southern white rhinos almost went extinct at the end of the 19th century, plunging down to only 20 at one point. Decades of conservation efforts gradually brought them back to life.

To date, the zoo said 94 southern white rhinos, 68 greater one-horned rhinos and 14 black rhinos have been born at the San Diego Zoo.

Researchers are hoping a northern white rhino calf could be born from a San Diego surrogate mother within 10 to 15 years.


Read more here about the addition of 6 white rhinos to the San Diego Zoo to be surrogate mothers.

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Happy Year of the Monkey!

We here at Conceptual Options are wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and a happy and prosperous year of the monkey! This past year has been an incredible one and we cannot wait to see what this new year will bring!

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egg donors v ASRM

Egg Donors & ASRM Reach a Settlement in Class Action Price Fixing Case

On January 29, 2016, and after four years of litigation, the class of egg donors who challenged the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for placing a price cap on the amount of compensation donors can receive have reached a settlement.

According to Top Class Actions,

According to the terms of the egg donor class action settlement, the ASRM will eliminate wording that restricts the financial award for those who supply human eggs for reproductive services. At issue, the language that reads “[t]otal payments to donors in excess of $5,000 require justification and sums above $10,000 are not appropriate,” will be removed.

In addition, the egg donor class action lawsuit settlement states that the ASRM has agreed to not recommend any specific dollar amount regarding donor compensation in the future.

While the egg donor price-fixing class action settlement does not provide Class Members with monetary relief, those who want to file an individual lawsuit to recover past damages are able to do so under the agreement.

Read more information about the egg donor price fixing lawsuit and the resulting settlement here.