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Educating the Public on Surrogacy – Global Impact & Insight

All of us know someone who thinks Surrogacy is wrong for many reasons, and we often try and think of ways to educate those who really “don’t know because they have never experienced it.”

In fact, we recently had a gentleman that insisted that Surrogacy was wrong because there are so many children in the world that need to be placed in good homes through adoption and foster care. What he did not realize is that women who are Surrogates are very passionate about their path in life and their status as a woman who helps others create their families when they are otherwise unable. And, adoption and foster care is not for everyone for many, many reasons that we do not need to go into here.

Regardless, we are very proud of our Conceptual Options’ Surrogates who helped us educate this man and they seem to have inspired him to rethink his position. Also, we would like to commend this gentleman for respecting other’s opinions and having an open mind; cheers to you sir!

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The Surrogate Experience Amanda's Journey

The Surrogate Experience – Amanda’s Journey

Two weeks ago, we premiered the first videos in our Surrogate Experience video series, today we are premiering our third installment in the series with our Surrogate Amanda. As you watch this third installment, you will see that each of our Surrogates truly does have a unique experience and perspective on what it is like being a Surrogate and why they chose to be a Surrogate.

Additionally, you will see that one of the most important aspects of Surrogacy is support. At Conceptual Options, we pride ourselves in the fact that our Surrogate Support Team is on the call to help out with anything a Surrogate might need throughout the process.

We hope you get a better understanding of the Surrogate experience, and enjoy each of these videos. For more information on Surrogacy, how you can Become a Surrogate, or how you can become an Intended Parent, visit our Become a Surrogate page and feel free to contact us at any time with any Questions, Comments, or Concerns.

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Woman is Surrogate for Daughter

Queensland Woman Acts as Surrogate for Daughter

Image Courtesy of: Selena Rollason/Diimex

There are many reasons why people use Surrogacy to have the child of their dreams. For 25 year old, Alice Hohenhaus, she needed to use a Surrogate to conceive because she was diagnosed with leukemia at 4 then went into remission and sadly relapsed at 8 years old. When her leukemia came back at 8, Alice had to go through radiation treatment that would leave her with severe scar tissue that would make it very difficult for her to conceive a child.

Then at 23, Alice got pregnant naturally, but sadly lost the baby at 15 weeks and severely hemorrhaged. After her miscarriage her Doctors advised her that it was not safe for her to try to get pregnant again; which is when her mother, Theresa Hohenhaus, offered to be a Surrogate for her daughter.

“Alice already had the embryos and I thought “why not?”,” Theresa, 46, told Daily Mail Australia. “I thought I was too old and Alice didn’t want me to do it at first but I had already almost lost Alice twice before – she hemorrhaged during her pregnancy and it was touch and go there for a while. Making her happy and seeing her happy now is worth it.”

On June 2nd, Theresa gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Parker.

Click here to learn more about this amazing story of a mother helping her daughter through surrogacy.