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Your Dream of Becoming a Family is about to become a Reality

Many people take for granted the ability to have children and create their family – yet infertility affects 1 in 6 adults each year. With such a staggering number of adults affected, how are we to create our families in the face of infertility? Many resort to adoption or childlessness in their journey, while others have decided that creating their family will involve the use of medical technology, such as IVF, and the use of third party reproduction, with a surrogate, egg donor or sperm donor.

Your Path Starts Here

Conceptual Options is a full service, hands-on gestational surrogacy and egg donation program that encompasses all aspects of your case from surrogate and egg donor screening to preparing you for delivery. We strive to manage every aspect of your case, whether you are the Intended Parent, the egg donor, the sperm donor or the surrogate, so that you can enjoy the journey of creating your family. Our full service staff is available to you each and every day in order to provide you with prompt, personal service – to help you make the right decisions regarding your Egg Donor, Surrogate, or Intended Parents.

Family Building

In fact, we are dedicated to helping build your family through surrogacy, egg donation and sperm donation – regardless of your marital status, location, or sexual orientation. Conceptual Options has the experience and reputation to fully assist and oversee your successful egg donation or surrogacy arrangement by minimizing risks in your most precious investment. We should know – we have been making families a reality since 1999, and we have excellent references available upon request.


  • “Thanks a lot! It is great and busy to have a new baby! MY son looks very health, and we do love the baby and keep good connections with the mother who gave him birth.


  • “From the very first phone call with CO to today, which is a short 3 months in total our experience has been just wonderful. As anyone who is involved in this knows, the process can be both tremendously exciting as well as verging on horrifying. We always felt they were...

    Jamie & Gary

  • “Just a short note to thank you and all of your staff for your invaluable work this year! We had every confidence that the Dr and April would succeed in helping us to achieve our dream. It has been a mixed year of emotions, but we are on a fantastic...

    Robin & Diane

  • “We trust that as did we, your future clients will choose Conceptual Options based on the quality of your donors and the personal and sensitive nature you have in your business, which was evident in our early conversations with you.”

    M & M

  • “As the new year approaches I have been thinking back on how wonderful my life is now because of your team! Thank you so much for helping me find the women who gave me the ability to have a family!”


  • “I never could have imagined what a blessing finding you on the Internet would become! Our baby girls are the most precious gift in the world. Please thank your whole staff and we will be forever grateful to Blanca, the wonderful woman who carried our children!”

    Michelle & Steven

  • “We are now parents! Thank you so much for helping us achieve our lifelong dream!”

    Tim & Jeff

  • “To make a long story short, we now have a beautiful healthy baby girl who was born last April, and is now 4 months old. We just wanted to let you know, and also give you a very special thanks for the support and help you gave us (even though...



  • “After many tentatives in Brazil, we decided to try our treatment in USA, because the technology is better than here. Then, our suffering started. After to visit a lot of clinics, we couldn’t decide anything. The last place to visit, before our return to Brazil, was Conceptual Options. Since this...

    E & M


  • Dear Conceptual Options, “Happy New Year. What a lovely way to ring in the new year. When I first contacted you in December 2007 I was childless. After going through two IVF cycles, I am now a proud busy parent to a precious baby boy! Conceptual Options was not an...



  • “Most incredible experience I’ve had thus far, besides having my own babies:) was becoming a Surrogate.”


  • “Our baby is here. He came last night 1:10am. Alisha is doing fine too. We are so blessed. Million thanks to the many wonderful people like you, Dr. Smotrich and Alisha to make this happen. I will write more later but for now my head bows to the humanity, professionalism...

  • “With my short life I am changing the lives of families for the better. I don’t know what you are doing with your life, but this is what I’m doing with mine.”

    a Conceptual Options surrogate

  • “My partner and I knew we wanted to be parents but we were concerned about the stigma of same-sex surrogacy. We had no idea where to begin our process of becoming parents but Sarah and I had heard great things about Conceptual Options so we reached out to them. We...

    Angie F.

    Los Angeles