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Canadian Surrogates Interviewed About Their Motivations to Become a Surrogate

Canadian Surrogates Interviewed About Their Motivations to Become a Surrogate

After our last post, Conceptual Options’ top 5 reasons a woman (& their family) decides to become a Surrogate, we found this great article posted in the Toronto Star that interviewed several women who have chosen to become surrogate mothers under Canadian law. As with Surrogates in the US, these women show extraordinary altruism in

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Top 5 Reasons a Woman (and her family) decides to become a Surrogate


Would you carry a stranger’s baby as a surrogate? What about the baby of your best friend? Many women decide to carry someone else’s baby as a surrogate for many different reasons….and after asking a sample of our surrogate mothers, we came up with our Top 5 Reasons a Woman (and her family) decides to

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Conceptual Options’ Surrogate Captures Surrogacy Journey on YouTube

Conceptual Options’ Surrogate Brittney Captures Surrogacy Journey on YouTube

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Here at Conceptual Options we absolutely love when women demystify the journey of being a surrogate by sharing their experiences – the highs and the lows and the smiles and the tears. Plus, we just discovered that one of our very own surrogates is doing just that! Brittney and her family are open about matching

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Surrogacy & Hepatitis B

Surrogacy & Hepatitis B

What is Hepatitis B? Hepatitis B is the world’s most common liver infection that affects nearly 70% of all Asian populations throughout the World – with 240 million people infected worldwide. While hepatitis B is not as common in the United States, The ONLY way to get the hepatitis B virus is to come into

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Top 5 Myths

Top 5 Myths about Surrogacy

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Surrogacy and other forms of assisted reproduction, such as egg donation and sperm donation, have long been surrounded by myths that are completely false. However, these myths, although untrue, continue to be passed around Internet forums and online “resources” causing confusion for Intended Parents, Surrogates, Egg Donors, and Sperm Donors. The following list is here

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Celebrities open up about ivf & surrogacy

Celebrities Open Up About IVF & Surrogacy

Dealing with infertility is a very private and emotional process that 1 in 8 people are forced to go through. It is not an easy process for anyone, no matter how rich and famous they may be. And with the spotlight constantly on celebrities, it is just as hard for them when they experience infertility.

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Orlando Strong

Conceptual Options Joins the LGBT Community in Mourning Orlando

The horrendous Orlando club tragedy that killed 49 people and injured many others has affected our staff at Conceptual Options in many different ways. However, despite this tragedy, we see this senseless crime as an opportunity for so many different people to come together strong and united against those who attack others for their own

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Conceptual Options Applauds Surrogacy Ruling

For many people, IVF fertility treatments, donor eggs and donor sperm, as well as surrogacy, are foreign concepts when it comes to creating their family; but, for many others, it is not. In fact, 1 out of 8 couples and individuals in the United States are infertile. Those statistics are the reason why many infertile

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Top 10 Reasons to become a Surrogate

Top 10 Reasons To Become A Surrogate

The decision to become a Surrogate is something that not every woman can do. It truly takes a special and incredible woman to help another person become a parent. So if you are considering becoming a Surrogate, we have complied a few reasons for you to think about. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to

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Surrogacy Story

A Mother Shares Her Story About Surrogacy

Photo| Ashley Marston Photography After years of heartbreak, Kate Austin-Rivas shared the story of her path to motherhood again through surrogacy. Austin-Rivas and her husband began their journey to parenthood with multiple miscarriages until they finally welcomed their first daughter in 2009. Following the birth of their daughter, Austin-Rivas was able to “easily” conceive another

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Summer Purse Party

Conceptual Options’ Surrogate Summer Purse Party

This past weekend, Conceptual Options put on one of our yearly parties for our wonderful Surrogates. This party took place at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Marcos on Saturday, and it was a huge success! At the party, we had lunch with the Surrogates and were really able to get to know each of

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Couple Wins Custody in Thai Surrogacy Case

Photo courtesy of @twogaypapas Instagram. Congratulations are in order for Gordon Lake & Manuel Santos (whose 15 month old daughter was kept in Thailand) because they are now able to take their daughter home! This case began in January of 2015 when the couple’s surrogate refused to sign documents to allow the couple to take

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surrogate party

Surrogate Summer Purse Party!

Every year Conceptual Options has numerous events to celebrate all of our incredible and wonderful Surrogates. And this year is no different! So on May 21st we will be having our Summer Purse Party at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Marcos with lots of raffles and prizes…and if you haven’t guessed by the name

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Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu Speaks About the Importance of Family

Photo Courtesy of Lucy Liu’s Twitter. After welcoming her son Rockwell into the world via surrogacy last year Lucy Liu has become vocal about her desire to have children and what led her to using a surrogate to carry her son. She stated that she’d always wanted to have children, but because of her hectic

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Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn Takes Control of Her Fertility

Olivia Munn is now one of the handful of celebrity women (like Whitney Cummings and Maria Menounos) who is speaking out about freezing her eggs. The 35 year-old actress shares the sentiment that she knows that she wants to have children, but doesn’t know when that will happen so she decided to freeze her eggs

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National Infertility Awareness Week

National Infertility Awareness Week

In the United States 1 in 8 couples have difficulty conceiving. This statistic would probably surprise the average person because infertility is not talked about. It is kept hidden. However, that needs to change. More people need to start asking questions about their fertility and be a part of the conversation about what causes infertility.

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screening test

Depression Screening Linked to Pregnancy

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Guest Author | Katleen Brown In light of all the advancements attributed to the 21st century, it is quite a wonder that the social stigma of mental health issues still lingers around stubbornly. Despite all the clinical trials and research studies conducted, many people still avoid these issues as though they are deadly viruses. One

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David Chiu

New Surrogacy Law Introduced in California Legislator from New Dad, Assemblyman David Chiu

Image Credit: David Chiu Facebook Conceptual Options wants to acknowledge that Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) has stepped up and authored a bill that would assist same-sex couples using surrogacy to have their own children, as well as protect their rights outside of the State of California. After the birth of his own child, Chiu,

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Top 5 Questions Egg Donors Should Ask When Choosing an Egg Donation Agency

If you’re reading this blog post, you are probably smack in the middle of your search for your perfect Egg Donation agency. You’re most likely also thinking, “Only 5 questions? Why only 5?” And you are right! The more questions that you have for an agency, the better! However, you need to make sure that

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Surrogate Choose

Top 5 Questions Surrogates Should Ask When Choosing a Surrogacy Agency

If you’re reading this blog post, you are probably in the middle of your search for your perfect agency. You’re most likely also thinking “Umm…only 5 questions? How am I going to learn anything from only 5 questions?” And you are right! The more questions that you have for an agency, the better! However, you

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Surrogate Belly

Study Shows Surrogacy Often Misunderstood & Unfairly Judged

As we discussed in yesterday’s blog post about the Top 3 Things NOT to say to a surrogate mother, surrogacy is often a taboo subject for many people. In fact, a new study (and a book) just came out from a researcher from the University of Texas at Arlington, Dr. Heather Jacobson, and she has

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Top 3 Things Not to Say to A Surrogate

3 Top Things NOT to Say to a Surrogate

Surrogacy is a topic that draws most people in one direction or another as it is often shrouded in controversy and secrecy both publically and privately. With a topic such as this, people will often say nothing to someone when they are confronted with a situation they do not understand, such as surrogate motherhood. On

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Choosing Your Agency

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Surrogacy & Egg Donation Agency

If you’re in the middle of searching for your perfect agency, you’re probably thinking “only 5 questions? I have a million questions I want to ask my prospective agency!” And the more questions that you have for an agency, the better! However, you need to make sure that out of all of the questions that

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zika virus

Zika Virus Update | Information for Surrogates, Egg Donors & Intended Parents

People all over the world are concerned about the Zika virus and how it can affect pregnant mothers – and rightfully so. Thankfully, the FDA has prepared guidance that is currently being implemented to decrease any potential risks for egg donors, sperm donors and Intended Parents. As there are no good blood tests at this

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Happy International Women's Day 2016


Today is a day about celebrating women. Whether they are our friends, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, or any other special women in our lives…including ourselves. At Conceptual Options we would like to celebrate all of the women that we work with, have worked with, and will work with in the future. Whether you are a surrogate,

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surrogacy agency travel zoo

Surrogacy in the Animal Kingdom Comes to San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has welcomed six southern white rhinos from South Africa in hopes they’ll become surrogate mothers for the critically endangered northern white rhino. The rhinos are living at the zoo’s new Rhino Rescue Center, built specifically for the six females. They will not be on public display as their sole purpose is

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year of the monkey surrogacy

Happy Year of the Monkey!

We here at Conceptual Options are wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and a happy and prosperous year of the monkey! This past year has been an incredible one and we cannot wait to see what this new year will bring!

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egg donors v ASRM

Egg Donors & ASRM Reach a Settlement in Class Action Price Fixing Case

On January 29, 2016, and after four years of litigation, the class of egg donors who challenged the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for placing a price cap on the amount of compensation donors can receive have reached a settlement. According to Top Class Actions, According to the terms of the egg donor class action

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surrogacy agency pregnancy

Surrogacy Amongst Friends – A Cautionary Tale

Many couples and individuals will often look to friends and family when discovering that they will need a surrogate to create their family. But, is this the most prudent option? Is that money savings worth your friendship? Is the savings worth your familial relationships? One woman says no. “Jillian” just had a birthday. Her surrogate

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tyra banks surrogacy

Congratulations to Tyra Banks on the Birth of her Son via Surrogacy

Congratulations are in order for Tyra Banks and her boyfriend Erik Asla, on the birth of their son via surrogate this week! The supermodel shared her incredible news with the world late Wednesday night on her Instagram account saying, “The best present we worked and prayed so hard for is finally here. He’s got my

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india surrogacy

India Begins Scaling Back Commercial Surrogacy

Women in India have become surrogates for years in order to help their families. In fact, thousands of poor Indian women have found work as surrogate mothers, helping to turn this country into a favored destination for foreign couples that can’t become pregnant on their own. We even posted about their situations in our previous

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Italian flag surrogacy agency

Italian Senators Calling for Criminalization of Surrogacy

In an attempt to defeat pro-gay marriage legislation legalizing civil unions in Italy, Senators have called for the criminalization of surrogacy; regardless of where the child was born via surrogacy. In fact, Catholic Senators from Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Democratic Party have included an amendment, which would require gay couples with children to prove they

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surrogate agency surrogacy

New Year, New Incentives!

Since 2016 just started, we here at Conceptual Options have come up with a great new incentive program for new Surrogates! If you sign up to be a Surrogate with Conceptual Options today you will receive a $500.00 bonus once you are accepted into our Surrogacy program and then an additional $500.00 bonus when contracts

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Choosing Your Intended Parents as a Surrogate Through Conceptual Options

Many women who come through our doors here at Conceptual Options often ask if they have the ability to decide on whom they select as their Intended Parents.  Why?  Well, for some reason they believe that they do not have the opportunity to choose whom they will become a surrogate for.  And, why is that? 

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super surrogate

Conceptual Options – How Surrogate Intake Can Affect Your Baby’s Health

When selecting a surrogate agency, most people do not consider the end result – their baby. Instead, they look at costs, timelines and availability. While those items are important, they are often not the most important when it comes to your baby’s health. What is more important than your baby’s health when in utero? Well,

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surrogacy agency miracle

Conceptual Options – Calling all Moms!

Becoming a surrogate is a big decision for any woman and her family, which is why Conceptual Options prepares all of its surrogates with a thorough psychological evaluation, as well as ongoing psych support that we believe is crucial for anyone considering surrogacy. In fact, Conceptual Options offers surrogates and their families the following: Monthly

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donor of the week

Conceptual Options Presents Egg Donor Candidate Molli

Egg donor candidate, Molli, is excited to become an egg donor through Conceptual Options‘ program. She is currently available and has the following to say about herself: “I am Graceful and Charming, Sunny Disposition, Ability to make people laugh. Deep Thinker with a Philosophical Bend. I have Appreciation for Beauty and Health in the World

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