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Should I Become a Surrogate and Why?

Getting pregnant and having a child is not a possibility for everyone. For many, the road to parenthood is one full of obstacles and challenges, especially those suffering from infertility issues. The good news: help is on the way. Bringing a newborn child into this world and starting a family is perhaps one of the

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IVF journey

Your IVF Journey: The Dos, Don’ts, and Musts

Starting an IVF journey can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider based on your location, age, and financial situation. Considering your ultimate end goals and how many children you want is also important to consider. Have no fear, a guide with some major dos, don’ts and musts is here. This guide will

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LGBTQ Families – Creating Your Family through IVF, Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Gay men and lesbian women across the world are as eager to have children as heterosexuals are; however, having a child often takes a different route. But, have no fear, IVF is here, and its technology allows almost everyone to create the family they have always wanted. Here at Conceptual Options, we can help you

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