Conceptual Options’ 2019 Summer Appreciation Party & Retreat

Once again the Staff at Conceptual Options hosted an amazing Surrogate Appreciation Party and Retreat for all of our amazing Surrogates at the 94th Aero Squadron in San Diego, California!

The theme, as always, is to show our appreciation to all of our amazing Surrogates who help create families for Conceptual Options each and every day. We are beyond blessed to have so many awesome women who decide to what others cannot – by creating families in partnership with Conceptual Options for others.

The party had a great turnout and prizes and gift bags were had by all. We love the Surrogate Sisterhood that exists between the women who make this happen. Thank you again for all that you do as a Conceptual Options’ Surrogate, and we, as well as your Intended Parents, appreciate all that you do!

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